NBA Live 97 Team Editor

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NBA Live 97 Team Editor
The NBA Live 97 Team Editor is a Windows-based utility created by Mark Paris, which allows users to edit data in NBA Live 97. It is a more in-depth tool than the NBA Live 97 Editor with several useful features, including a career stats editor. The editor modifies both the NBA Live 97 executable and roster data files and may also be used to create new files based on the modified data. The final released version is v3.1.

Key Features[edit]

  • Edit existing player data including ratings, bio data, stats, appearance and roster position
  • Edit created players to modify normally inaccessible attributes
  • Trade players and reorder rosters
  • Edit All-Star rosters
  • Edit player career stats
  • Create new executable and roster files based on the current data
  • Automatically age all players in the roster by one year
  • Import Statistics
  • Export Statistics
  • Export Data


  • The editor must be placed in the same folder as the NBA Live 97 executable
  • Players cannot be taller than 7'1"
  • Players cannot be heavier than 355 pounds


Because of its in-depth features, the Team Editor served as an excellent companion to the NBA Live 97 Editor by Tim Tschirner and was popular amongst general users and roster patchers alike.