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The NBA Live Domain (also known as the NLD) was an NBA Live website created, owned and operated by current NLSC webmaster Andrew Begley. It began as a small collection of NBA Live related pages hosted at Yahoo! Geocities in mid 1998 and remained operational until December 2001 when it was closed and most of its content absorbed into the NLSC. It was originally a hub for Andrew's roster patches and the works of other occasional contributors but following Andrew's appointment as the NLSC's new webmaster in August 2001 the NLD server as more of an "editor's choice" site for patches until its closure.


The site was created in mid 1998 as a small collection of pages with limited NBA Live content, including some of Andrew's early patches for NBA Live 95 and NBA Live 96. With occasional contributions from Andrew's cousin Clinton, the website underwent several name changes including AC Patches and AC Domain before finally adopting the NBA Live Domain moniker.

Features & Content

Throughout its existence, the NLD continued to host Andrew's NBA Live patches and later the works of some other contributors. The site also provided various NBA Live related articles including hints, tips and strategy guides, as well as information on each game in the series.

Midweek Patch Report

The Midweek Patch Report (often shortened to "MPR" or simply the "Patch Report") was a weekly column appearing every Wednesday. Originally started as a means of giving a weekly update on various projects that Andrew was working on at the time, it later included notes about other patches that had been added to the NLD or NLSC's Downloads sections, as well as progress reports from other patchmakers. After Andrew's appointment as webmaster of the NLSC, the Midweek Patch Report began appearing on both sites. The final MPR was posted on December 19th 2001.

Webmaster News

Webmaster News (sometimes shortened to "WN") was a weekly column established as a companion to the Midweek Patch Report, appearing every Friday. Webmaster News mostly detailed future plans for the NLD, sometimes following up on issues touched upon in the Patch Report but usually focusing on housekeeping matters for the site in general. It also served as something of a musings/opinions column where Andrew would comment on NBA Live, the NBA and other recent events. The final edition of Webmaster News appeared on December 21st 2008, a week before the NLD closed. As with the Midweek Patch Report, it was discontinued after the NLD's closure.

Relationship with the NLSC

The NLD was heavily inspired by the NLSC (especially its later designs and content) and maintained a cordial relationship with the larger NLSC, which would post news articles on behalf of the NLD and featured Andrew's patches in its Downloads database. The NLSC would eventually absorb the NLD.

Relationship with NBA Live Stuff

The site also maintained an affiliation with NBA Live Stuff (later, now The two sites shared resources and posted announcements on each other's behalf.


The NBA Live Domain officially closed on December 29th, 2001 so that more focus could be placed on the NLSC. The goodbye post was the site's 596th consecutive update, a streak that would be beaten by the NLSC with its 597th consecutive update on August 18th, 2008. One further update was made on February 18th, 2002 to address the issue of an imitation NBA Live Domain website that claimed to be an approved continuation of the original site. The dispute was quickly settled and both the imitation website and the original NBA Live Domain were taken down shortly after.