NBA Live Mobile

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NBA Live Mobile
Cover nbalivemobile.png
NBA Live Mobile cover art.
Developer(s) EA Sports
Publisher(s) EA Sports
Series NBA Live
Platform(s) Android, iOS
Release date(s) February 17th 2016 (Canada)

July 5th 2016 (Worldwide)

System requirements Android 3.2 or later

iOS 7.0 or later

NBA Live Mobile (stylised as NBA LIVE Mobile) is a free-to-play basketball video game available for iOS and Android devices. It was originally released via a soft launch in Canada on February 17th 2016, and then made available worldwide on July 5th 2016.

It is essentially a mobile version of Ultimate Team, with gamers building a team by collecting player cards. Gameplay consists of Live Events - skills challenges based on events in the real NBA - as well as in-game scenarios in the form of two-minute quarters. As with Ultimate Team, both current and former NBA players are available to collect. NBA Live Mobile is free to play, though users can opt to upgrade their team through microtransactions.

Key Features[edit]

  • Live Events: Regularly updated short session challenges that reflect day-to-day events in the NBA
  • Head-To-Head Games: Play competitive, ranked games against other users in your division. As you climb the divisional leader boards you’ll progress to higher tiers, earning greater rewards and legendary status.
  • Season Mode: Start a season whenever you want and play all the way to the finals for great rewards. Complete multiple seasons for super rare rewards.
  • Friends Matches: Invite friends and play against them for fun. Earn special “Friend Collectibles” to redeem rare prizes from Friend Sets.
  • Leagues: Create or join a league (clan) for friendly intra-league matches and competitive tournaments with other leagues.
  • Team Management: Review and edit your line-ups to fine-tune your team.
  • Set Collection: Collectible items also form a large part of the reward system in NBA Mobile. Players will use these to complete a range of collection sets to redeem great prizes.
  • The Store and Auction House: Buy items in the store and join the excitement of the Auction House to sell or bid on rare players.