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The following is a list of frequently asked questions about the NLSC Forum ( If you would like to ask a question to be added to this list, please use the Discussion page.


How do I register for the Forum?

Simply click Register at the top of the Forum and fill out the form.

Why haven't I received the activation notice?

The activation emails are sometimes treated as spam by junk mail filters. If you do not receive an activation notice, please email

Why am I being asked to get my parent/guardian's permission? I'm over 13!

When you register an account in the NLSC Forum, you will be asked if you were born before that date that would make you older than 13 at the time of registration. It's very easy to click the wrong one by accident. If this happens, just send an email to (replying to the notice is probably the easiest way) and we'll fix it up.

Of course, if you do happen to be under 13, please make sure you get your parent/guardian's permission, then we can activate your account.

Why can't I log in to the Forum?

Your account will need to be activated when you first sign up. Please note that if you change your email address, your account will be deactivated for security purposes. You should receive an email with a link to reactivate your account but if you do not, please contact

Alternatively, you may not be able to log in due to Forum maintenance or disciplinary action that has been taken against you in the Forum. Please check for any posted notices or contact a Forum administrator if you are in doubt.

Why can't I stay logged in to the Forum?

To remain logged in you must check the box next to "Log me on automatically each visit" when you sign in. If you still cannot stay logged in, it is usually due to the security/cookie settings in your browser or the security settings of your third party firewall/anti-virus software. If you are experiencing problems you may want to lower the security level so that cookies are allowed.

I can log in, but I can't see any Forum sections. What's happening?

This indicates a problem with the permissions on your account. If this happens, please email, so that we can fix that up for you.

What are the rules of the NLSC Forum?

The rules for the NLSC Forum can be found here.

Who are moderators and admins? Why are they telling me what to do?

Moderators are individuals who have volunteered their services in keeping order and upholding the Forum rules. Administrators have similar duties but have additional powers in the Forum. If you break a Forum rule, you can expect to be approached by a moderator or admin with a warning to adhere to the rules. Frequent troublemakers may be subject to harsher punishments, including permanent bans.

Can you appeal against moderator action?

You can certainly contact Forum staff regarding any warnings but please note that we don't hand out warnings or bans lightly, so if you received a warning or were banned there has been a serious rule violation. We will certainly try to clear up any confusion about warnings and bans and under certain circumstances we will lift bans on a probationary basis, but we do ask that you be civil when discussing these matters. If you are rude, threatening or abusive, you will not get favourable treatment in these matters.

What is flaming?

Flaming can be defined as directing personal attacks and insults towards other members of the Forum, which includes the moderators and admins. Flaming is unacceptable and if you flame you will be asked to stop. If you persist in attacking your fellow Forum members and disrupting discussion, further action will be taken.

Please do not confuse flaming with enthusiastic discussion that argues a point that is on-topic. Flaming involves off-topic insults and personal attacks on Forum members that do not contribute to the discussion in any way. There's a difference between having a passionate debate, and just being nasty to each other. The former is encouraged, the latter is not allowed.

Why can't I post the same thing in multiple sections?

The NLSC Forum is divided into seperate areas for better organisation and ease of finding the information you are looking for. Therefore, one post in the correct section is sufficient. Restricting a question to a single thread allows for more concise and informative responses as all replies to your query will be in one thread where everyone can see the answers and advice others have already offered. Please note that posting a question throughout the Forum is considered spamming which will result in all posts not made in the correct section being deleted.

Why do I need an account? Why can't you allow guest posts?

To promote a sense of community, we prefer all our members to log in with their own usernames by which they can become known. Allowing guest posts also provides too much of an opportunity for troublemakers to cause problems, thus we require everyone to register an account. Registration is free and will allow you to specify a signature, avatar and other personal settings.

You can also use your NLSC Forum account to upload files to our database, rate files that others have uploaded, and post comments on news articles on the main page.

What is that text under some people's usernames? How can I get it?

That is a custom title which you can set up through your Profile once you have accumulated at least 100 posts and have been registered for at least a month.

What are the "NLSC Team Member" images that are displayed under some people's usernames? How can I get one?

Those images identify a member in the Forum as being a member of the NLSC Team. The badges are intended for site staff only.

What are contributors, and how do I become one?

Contributors are members of the Forum who have been around for a while, and made frequent contributions in the form of uploads, tutorials, and other resources. They have also proven themselves to be helpful, enthusiastic, and friendly members of our community. As such, they're recognised with membership in the Contributors group, and have their own badge and title.

The basic requirements for the Contributors group are as follows:

  • Been a part of the NLSC community for at least a year.
  • Actively contributed to the community within the past six months.
  • Uploaded/added your releases to the NLSC Downloads database.
  • Genuine intentions to keep making contributions for the foreseeable future.
  • Been a good Forum citizen, setting a good example for other members.

More information can be found here.

Can I become a moderator? If so, how?

We only add new moderators as we need them. Since moderators are chosen to help uphold the rules and keep the Forum tidy, they must be responsible and mature members who have been around for some time (there is no set limit but usually at least a year or two is preferred), are well-known in the community and are committed to helping out around the Forum. Generally speaking we will approach individuals we feel would make suitable moderators but applications from suitable candidates are also taken into consideration.