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The NLSC Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by members of the NLSC Team, with occasional guest co-hosts from the community. Topics are primarily related to basketball video games with a focus on NBA Live and NBA 2K, as well as issues related to the modding community and current events in the real NBA. Occasionally, other games and subjects of interest to the hosts are discussed. Certain episodes have featured interviews with special guests, including developers and other basketball gaming personalities. Beginning with Episode #473, the show is released Tuesday evenings Australian time/Tuesday mornings US time.


The current regular hosts for the NLSC Podcast are Andrew and Dee4Three.

Name Number of Episodes
Andrew 522
Arcane 250
Dee4Three 228
Kenny 55
JaoSming 49 (plus 2 as a Special Guest)
Leftos 40 (plus 4 as a Special Guest)
Pdub 12
Lean 4
Qballer 3
The X 2

Episode Guides

Most episodes of the NLSC Podcast run for about an hour and a half. Special episodes, such as developer interviews, may run longer. The longest episode is Episode #29, which ran for three hours, eleven minutes, and fifteen seconds, and featured a roundtable discussion with seven participants, including special guest Da_Czar. Certain two part episodes have also been recorded in sessions of three or four hours, and subsequently edited into separate shows.

Special Episodes

Episode Hosts Synopsis Release Date
Da_Czar Interview Leftos & Pdub

Special Guest: Da_Czar

  • Da_Czar's motivations for starting SimNation and his experiences with it so far
  • Getting involved in the development of basketball games
  • Features in NBA 2K13
  • Has 2K gone too casual, or does it still cater to hardcore sim fans?
  • Thoughts on NBA Live 13 so far
  • How can NBA Live redeem itself?
  • What needs to happen to take basketball gaming to the next level
  • Thoughts on the modding community
  • And more!
September 21st, 2012
The "Lost" Pilot Episode Andrew & Pdub

Special Guest: bigball12

  • This represents our first attempt at an NLSC Podcast
  • Our special guest is Forum user bigball12, who acquired a retail copy of NBA Elite 11
  • bigball12 gives his impressions of the game that was ultimately cancelled
  • We talk about the future of the series as we saw it at the time
  • The first reboot of NBA Jam is discussed, as well as NBA 2K11
November 8th, 2010

December 30th, 2012)

Leftos & JaoSming
Leftos & JaoSming
  • JaoSming shows off his mad skills in Trials, but admits he can screw up pretty much everything else.
  • They go through what stuff your favorite duo has done together since that Episode #6 when they were last together on the NLSC Podcast.
  • JaoSming makes some bold claims about NBA 2K13, and they both go over the ways they enjoy the game.
  • They introduce the upcoming Roster Workshop tool for NBA 2K13.
  • Leftos reminisces about how his NBA Stats Tracker tool started, how far it's gone, and how it can help both real-life coaches and NBA 2K gamers enhance their experience and gain an advantage over their opponents.
  • They discuss how Brad Pitt stole a Cavaliers' stats guy in Moneyball. Wait, what?
  • They go back to how their strong friendship began. Spoiler: It was yet another tool that brought them together.
  • The troubles of decoding the roster are brought up; both have immense respect for Vlad and what he does every year.
  • JaoSming tries to persaude everyone he's still a good husband and father.
  • An interesting question is brought up: When doing an Association, do you treat your players as real people, or do you ignore them completely and do your thing knowing its just a videogame? What's more engaging when you introduce your Association to an audience?
  • NBA Inside 09 is brought up, which apparently was a terrible basketball game, but had a good storyline, something that's missing from all other basketbal games.
  • Suddenly, magic happens, as they decide they're going to start the biggest (and most interesting, possibly) project they've ever undertaken, and change the way basketball games are played. We're not kidding.
March 2nd, 2013


Episode Hosts Title & Synopsis Release Date
Vidcast #1 Leftos & JaoSming NBA 2K13: JaoSming vs Leftos

JaoSming takes on Leftos in an online game of NBA 2K13, while both giving their thoughts on the game so far.

October 11th, 2012