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This is an episode guide for the NLSC Podcast, featuring all episodes released during 2021.

Episode Guide[edit]

Episode Hosts Synopsis Release Date
Episode #356: State of NBA 2K Addressed Andrew & Dee4Three

Before we get rolling, we touch on the subject of virtual hardwood photography, and offer up some tips to get the best angles. After that, we get right into our main topic: the current state of NBA 2K, and our latest thoughts on NBA 2K21. How is the latest game - and the series as a whole - looking as we enter the new year, with a new generation? What are our concerns for the future, and what responsibility does have the community have in providing 2K with constructive feedback? In this week's mailbag, we're talking about NBA 2K13 on Wii U, and what - if anything - EA Sports should take from NBA Live 19.

January 3rd, 2021
Episode #357: Interview with Andy Hull Andrew & Dee4Three

Special Guest: Andy Hull

This week we're interviewing Andy Hull, the creator of Dunk Lords and programmer on Spelunky! Andy talks about his background in programming and breaking into the industry, which included a stint making wooden toys. He also provides us with several insights into the development of Dunk Lords, which began life as a prototype called Buckets of Blood. We also talk about NBA Jam and Andy's other video gaming influences, how working on Spelunky helped him to go on to create his own game, and ask a few listener questions that were sent in for this week's special edition of the mailbag.

January 10th, 2021
Episode #358: What Could’ve Been, And May Yet Be Andrew & Dee4Three

Browsing the Marketplace on Xbox Series X reveals that NBA Jam: On Fire Edition is still available, and it’s definitely still worth getting. Conversely, there’s no getting our hands on NBA Live 20, but according to its recently discovered ESRB rating, it was set to come out on PC. We commiserate about what might’ve been, but consider what it may mean for the series’ eventual return. Also in the news this week is the status of Start Today in NBA 2K21. The situation is understandable, but the lack of transparency is frustrating as usual. Dusting off NBA Live 16 also leads us to reminisce about one of the better NBA Live games from the past generation. In this week’s mailbag, we answer questions about Ronnie 2K and the community, and what we’ve been playing in NBA 2K21.

January 17th, 2021
Episode #359: Like Something Out Of A Video Game! Andrew & Dee4Three

The announcement of Giannis Antetokounmpo as the new face of NBA Live Mobile has piqued our interest in the success of the game. As it turns out, it's performing even better than we realised. This leads us to reflect on how it's kept the NBA Live brand alive, and what this means for a future console/PC release. The fifteenth anniversary of Kobe Bryant's historic 81-point game inspires us to not only look back at the achievement, but its impact on the virtual hardwood. We discuss the idea of such performances being described as "something out of a video game", and the difficulty in replicating those feats. The need for a new challenge mode also comes up. In the mailbag this week, we're talking about NBA Live's turning point, and a fantasy scenario involving an upcoming retro roster mod for NBA 2K11.

January 24th, 2021