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This is an episode guide for the NLSC Podcast, featuring all episodes released during 2022.

Episode Guide[edit]

Episode Hosts Synopsis Release Date
Episode #408: The Worst Basketball Video Game Ever Andrew & Dee4Three

The NLSC NBA Live 10 Tournament has drawn to a close, and we must say, it was a success! We're looking forward to future tournaments with games such as NBA Jam and NCAA Basketball 09. However, one game that we definitely won't be using is Kidz Sports Basketball. After playing it together, we're inclined to call it the worst basketball game ever made. Thankfully, we've also played some much better games as of late, including NBA 2K13, NBA in the Zone, and Basketball Classics. There's also some modding news to recap, and a few teasers of our own to drop! In this week's mailbag, we're talking about fighting with friends and family over disagreements on the virtual hardwood.

January 2nd, 2022
Episode #409: A Chat With Stildo33 Andrew & Dee4Three

Special Guest: Stildo33

Stildo33 joins the show to talk about his amazing retro season roster mods for NBA 2K19 PC. We discuss some of the challenges of making such large projects, and a few of his plans for future updates. Like us, Stildo33 has also been having a blast with Parsec, and is all about bringing the community together with the app. He also recalls one of his most memorable battles on the virtual hardwood, which actually saw him and a friend get physical over a three day period! We also discuss the shutdown of the NBA 2K20 servers and what it means for MyCAREER gamers, as well as some other fond basketball gaming memories.

January 9th, 2022
Episode #410: Community Wishes For NBA 2K23 Andrew & Dee4Three

We had an exciting modding breakthrough this week, which means our All-Time Teams roster mod for NBA Live 96 PC is going to feature a detail that we could only dream of having back in the day! Our NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Tournament has also produced some great action so far, and once again, everyone seems to be having a fantastic time with it. Seeing as how it's Wishlist season, this week's extended mailbag segment is dedicated to what the community wants to see in NBA 2K23. We read out the suggestions that our listeners sent in, and give our thoughts on some great ideas for the next NBA 2K game.

January 16th, 2022
Episode #411: A Chat With Nate & Roger, NBA Live 2001 Enthusiasts Andrew & Dee4Three

Special Guests: Nate & Roger

We have two more guests from the community this week, as we're joined by Nate and Roger. The duo run the NBA Live 2001 Highlights account on Instagram, and also have a YouTube channel. They discuss their love of NBA Live 2001, which they've been enthusiastically playing for over 20 years. Suffice to say, they certainly know the game inside and out! From generic jumping ratings and a unique Create-a-Player feature to gameplay mechanics and the most effective strategies, there's plenty to reflect on. Nate and Roger also talk about other old basketball video games that they play, and their thoughts on recent NBA 2K games. We also reminisce about some of the players that we grew up watching, especially those who became Virtual Hardwood Legends.

January 23rd, 2022
Episode #412: Community Wishlist For NBA Live 23 Andrew & Dee4Three

After last week's show, we've been moved to revisit NBA Live 2001 and NBA Live 2002. Though both were controversial releases in our community, they definitely have their bright spots. Speaking of old NBA Live games, work continues on our All-Time Teams Roster for NBA Live 96 PC. There's also been an exciting development as far as modding NBA Live 10 on PlayStation 3. As for the future of the series, while NBA Live 23 hasn't been announced, it's clear that we're not the only basketball gamers hoping that the series will return. We discuss the likelihood of it finally happening this year, and revisit our expectations. We then open up the mailbag to discuss the community's Wishlist for a hypothetical NBA Live 23.

January 30th, 2022
Episode #413: More NBA Video Games, Please Andrew & Dee4Three

Catching up on the latest results from our NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Tournament, we reflect on a truly epic comeback! We also recap the fun we had connecting on Parsec to play NBA Live 2004 PC with the 1996 season mod, another exciting countdown with the Top 10 Plays, and recent fun going back to an NBA 2K14 MyCAREER save. This week's main topic is the variety of NBA video games that we used to enjoy. We open up the mailbag to see which NBA video games the community most wants to see return instead of (or in the best case scenario, in addition to) NBA Live, and discuss our memories of those titles.

February 6th, 2022
Episode #414: Pump Us Up, Don't Leave Us Deflated Andrew & Dee4Three

Does the community still feel the same excitement and anticipation for the latest release every year? We open up the mailbag to discuss the titles that basketball gamers felt the most hyped about, as well as the factors that have dampened our enthusiasm over the past decade or so. We also recap another fun week in basketball gaming, which included a return to Fantasy Teams in NBA Live 10, heroics from Steve Kerr in NBA Live 95, a surprising challenge playing NBA Live 2003 PC co-op, and a new take on NBA Live 15. There also the latest games from our NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Tournament to recap, and a tale of retro collecting disappointment to share.

February 13th, 2022
Episode #415: Being The NBA 2K Playmaker Andrew & Dee4Three

What would you do if you were made the Gameplay Director for NBA 2K? We discuss our visions for the series, and open up the mailbag to find out what the community would do if they were in the driver's seat. Our Parsec sessions over the past week also produced some incredibly fun games with NBA Jam: On Fire Edition and NBA Live 2001, and we've been challenged to aim for a statistical goal in the latter. Speaking of which, recent attempts to curb turnovers and reach milestones in NBA 2K14 MyCAREER raises the question: do we psyche ourselves out when we're trying to pad stats and set records on the virtual hardwood?

February 20th, 2022
Episode #416: Three Games & An Island Andrew & Dee4Three

In an exciting development, NBA Live 2001 enthusiasts Nate and Roger are on Parsec, which means a 2v2 showdown is in our future! Speaking of Parsec, our recent sessions have given us a new appreciation for a couple of often-criticised games in the NBA Live series. Our NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Tournament also wrapped up, and it ended in spectacular fashion. Dipping into our collection as we often do leaves us wondering: which three games would we take with us to an island we'd be stuck on indefinitely? We share our answers, and open up the mailbag to see which games the community would pick. With February drawing to a close, we also look ahead to March Modness.

February 27th, 2022
Episode #417: Picking an All-Virtual Hardwood Team Andrew & Dee4Three

Our College Hoops 2K8 Tournament is set to tip off! Talking about college basketball games leads us to ponder whether EA Sports' best move would be to revive their NCAA series before they attempt another comeback with NBA Live. We also reflect on the madness of collecting retro basketball games, the size of our respective collections, and the current prices in retro video game stores and on eBay alike. We're also interested in spending more time with a cancelled Sega Genesis game starring Shaquille O'Neal that was leaked a few years back. This week's mailbag topic is all about picking our All-Virtual Hardwood teams. We share our selections, along with the community's picks.

March 6th, 2022
Episode #418: House Rules, Epic Duels, & Offline Views Andrew & Dee4Three

Mad as it may seem, we were compelled to revisit NBA Live 07 for Xbox 360 this week. It's as rough as we remembered, and doesn't hold a candle to NBA Live 06 on the same platform, which was a far more fun game to dust off! The College Hoops 2K8 Tournament has also been a blast to play and to watch, with the Sweet 16 almost in the books. After catching up on some recent stories from NBA 2K14 MyCAREER, we discuss house rules when playing against the CPU. What's the best way to ensure fairness, and challenge? In this week's mailbag, we're talking about ideas for offline modes and content. As you might expect, the community isn't just about the online experience these days!

March 13th, 2022
Episode #419: All Kinds of Madness This March Andrew & Dee4Three

A Tweet from the official EA Sports account has sparked rumours of a new college basketball game. We're trying not to get ahead of ourselves, but we're definitely interested! Speaking of March Madness, our College Hoops 2K8 Tournament continues to produce epic showdowns as it enters the Elite 8. NCAA Basketball 10, NBA Live 10, NBA Live 2001 and NBA Jam: On Fire Edition have also been in the rotation, as more community members jump aboard the Parsec train. After previewing some forthcoming mods for NBA 2K19 and NBA 2K10, we open up the mailbag to discuss PC gaming setups. The community shares stories of how they're enjoying PC basketball gaming, from hardware and peripherals to where their rig is set up to play.

March 20th, 2022
Episode #420: The Legend of Keyon Dooling Andrew & Dee4Three

Inspired by QB1120's stories of Keyon Dooling in NBA 2K7, we fired up the game to see what the fuss was all about. Turns out, we have a newly-minted Video Game Legend! We also connected with Brent and NBA Live Girl for a 4-player session of NBA Jam: On Fire Edition that none of us wanted to end. After recapping some other recent adventures on the virtual hardwood, we talk about the reason we're able to play so many basketball video games: our passion for collecting. We open up the mailbag to talk about the games that our listeners wish that they owned, as well as some of the purchases that they regret.

March 27th, 2022
Episode #421: Arcade Basketball Games Are On Fire! Andrew & Dee4Three

We love sim basketball titles, but we also have a great deal of affection for arcade games as well. Recent sessions with the underrated NBA Hangtime, and a brief stream of NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, lead us to reflect on some of the best and worst releases in the genre. As always, we also catch up on other games we've been playing over the past week, including NBA 2K22, NBA Showdown, and NBA 2K14. One of us has also added a true gem to their collection, leaving the other to feel a tad envious! In this week's mailbag, we're talking about our go-to plays in various basketball video games, and one-off hoops titles that deserved a sequel (or possibly even a series).

April 3rd, 2022
Episode #422: NBA Live 2000 Is Still Shak'n the Floor Andrew & Dee4Three

Thanks to DOSBox, Lakers vs. Celtics is still playable on a Windows 10 PC in 2022! We reflect on the game that tipped off what became the NBA Live series, and some of the incredible features it had for a title released in 1989. Speaking of classic basketball games from EA Sports, we also revisited NBA Live 2000. Suffice to say that we were blown away by how well it held up, not to mention the quality of the faces. Our College Hoops 2K8 Tournament drew to a close with an epic game that had some entertaining real life parallels, and the finale has us looking forward to future tournaments. We also recap another fun week in basketball gaming, which included playing the 1995 season in NBA 2K19, Year 3 of NBA 2K14 MyCAREER rolling on, and firing up Microsoft Complete NBA Basketball, a literal interactive almanac.

April 10th, 2022
Episode #423: Heighten The Basketball Gaming Parabola Andrew & Dee4Three

International Basketball 2009 may be one of the top three worst hoops games we've ever played, but on the bright side, it's given us a new catchphrase! We also threw it way back this week by revisiting NBA Basketball for Intellivision, while having some more fun with NBA Live 2001 and NBA Hangtime over Parsec. In this week's NBA 2K14 MyCAREER update, a two-time champion is traded, and Terry Hanson continues to impress. As for NBA 2K19 MyLEAGUE with the 1995 season mod, it continues to be a blast, with plenty of trash talk! The mailbag also returns this week as we discuss your suggestions for future content, as well as our Holy Grails of basketball video game collecting.

April 17th, 2022
Episode #424: The Many Ways We Play Basketball Games Andrew & Dee4Three

NBA Live 2000 PC is back in the rotation, delighting with its gameplay. However, its presentation also leads to a surprising revelation, and a tribute to the late Don Poier. Once again, we can't rule out some retro modding projects for the game! We also circle back to the potential tease of a new college basketball game, and reflect on missed opportunities with EA's marketing of its hoops titles. As always, we provide updates on what we've been playing, including the latest progress in NBA 2K19 MyLEAGUE using the 1995 season mod, and Year 3 of NBA 2K14 MyCAREER. This week's mailbag is all about how the community likes to spend its time on the virtual hardwood, and we received plenty of interesting answers covering a variety of modes.

April 24th, 2022
Episode #425: Sliding Back Into 1995, With Stildo33 Andrew & Dee4Three

Special Guest: Stildo33

Ken (aka Stildo33) returns to the show to talk about replaying the 1995 season in NBA 2K19 MyLEAGUE! In addition to a little trash talk, there are reflections on some of the favourite games so far, exciting upcoming matchups, and learning new skills on the virtual hardwood. We also talk about the importance of fine-tuning gameplay sliders, and some of the issues that NBA 2K19 had out of the box. A couple of ideas for future Parsec tournaments are also floated for your consideration! With the preview season of NBA 2K23 looming on the horizon, and the continued hope that EA Sports will return with a new basketball game at some point, we also touch on some of our Wishlist items.

May 1st, 2022
Episode #426: Variety & Options on The Virtual Hardwood Andrew & Dee4Three

After an unscheduled break due to one of us being under the weather, we're back on the air! We've been playing a variety of classic basketball games since our last show, particularly favourites from the late 90s and early 2000s. Notably, we've been playing them with some classic teams and legends roster mods, which is tempting us to get stuck into some retro modding. We also provide updates on our ongoing seasons, including Shawn Kemp highlights and an example of video games imitating life. On a less positive note, a couple of recent Tweets have reminded us that elitism and gatekeeping is alive and well within the basketball gaming community. Needless to say, we feel compelled to hit back against those attitudes. In this week's mailbag, the community tells us their favourite games in the NBA Live series, and we share our thoughts on those titles.

May 17th, 2022
Episode #427: Classic Games, Fresh Experiences Andrew & Dee4Three

We've been freshening up our retro basketball gaming with mods from the archives, as Lutz's Champs Roster allowed us to re-create a classic Celtics highlight in NBA Live 98 PC! We also played NBA Live 2004 PC with a camera mod that's made it difficult to return to the default broadcast view. Responding to an interesting listener question, we discuss whether adopting a similar idea to Dynamic DNA could benefit tendencies and roster quality in NBA 2K. As we catch up on the latest news from our NBA 2K19 MyLEAGUE and NBA 2K14 MyCAREER games, we marvel at the stories that can be told through gameplay and results alone. We also reflect on a truly shocking award snub.

May 22nd, 2022
Episode #428: Time To Dust Off Those Old Modding Tools Andrew & Dee4Three

We had a lot of fun revisiting NBA Live 06 PC recently, using the last NLSC roster to play with the Dream Team and updated Decade All-Stars. We did spy a couple of oversights though, leading to the temptation to pick up the old tools and fix them. Indeed, the lure to mod old favourites remains strong! Some recent events prompt us to comment on one of our pet peeves: bewildering Dislikes on YouTube videos. Rumours of a possible sale or merger for EA have been making the rounds, so we weigh in with our thoughts on the situation. We also catch up on the latest from the 1995 MyLEAGUE in NBA 2K19, and reflect on the immersive nature of retro season mods. Meanwhile, NBA 2K14 MyCAREER has produced the worst virtual NBA Finalists either of us have ever encountered.

May 29th, 2022
Episode #429: It's Lit, Fellow Kids! Andrew & Dee4Three

Is it worse to be called a moron by Steve Kerr, or hear Grant Hill go full "How do you do, fellow kids?" and call something lit? Suffice to say, the past week has delivered some awkward moments in virtual commentary! Conversely, Twitter produced some surprisingly positive (but certainly welcome) interactions. Playing NBA Live 06 PC also reminded us of a unique animation, and our frustrations with canned moments in recent titles. In light of confirmation that Madden 23 will be another last gen port, we speculate on what to expect from NBA 2K23 PC. We also discuss unfortunate generated player tattoos, choosing a retro season mod to play with, and whether a squad of Christian Laettners is better than a team of Andrew Langs.

June 8th, 2022
Episode #430: Return of the Server Andrew & Dee4Three

During a session of NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, we made the exciting discovery that the servers appear to be reactivated! We're hoping it isn't temporary, and note a few other games we'd like to see receive online support again. A vague Tweet from EA has invited those of us hoping for NBA Live's return to speculate once more. This leads us to discuss our concerns about influencers giving a new NBA Live game a fair chance, if and when it comes out. A clip from the archives prompts us to reflect on The Jordan Challenge in NBA 2K11, and the attention to detail that was paid to Michael Jordan's return to video games. We also answer a question about whether games have become too realistic, and open up the mailbag to talk about our favourite highlights, real and virtual.

June 12th, 2022
Episode #431: Heroes in a Half-Court Andrew & Dee4Three

The release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge has demonstrated the popularity of retro-style gameplay with modern sensibilities. It leads us to consider how this could apply to the virtual hardwood, with Basketball Classics being a great example. We also lament the lack of a new NBA Jam title, and reflect on the shortcomings of the NBA Playgrounds games. Mention of Konami also sends us down the rabbit hole to discuss some of our favourite games from the company, basketball or otherwise. Our Lakers vs. Celtics Tournament will be tipping off soon, and we're also keen to continue our co-op sessions on Parsec. In an update on our NBA 2K19 MyLEAGUE and NBA 2K14 MyCAREER games, we're talking sliders, streaks, and the growing legend of Terry Hanson. This week's mailbag features a discussion about the influence that playing real hoops has on basketball gaming, basketball book recommendations, and the best classic seasons to watch.

June 19th, 2022
Episode #432: Where's Our Mamba Mode? Andrew & Dee4Three

Which players would we like to bring into the modern NBA? There are a few we'd love to see prove their worth to younger basketball fans, and we're not just talking about all-time greats! Hooping with Mario, Bowser, and other video game characters reminds us that modding doesn't always have to be serious. Of course, part of the fun is making mods and modding resources free, and freely available. An enthusiastic response to a mailbag question prompts an in-depth discussion on possibilities for a new retro challenge mode in NBA 2K23 and beyond. We share our own ideas, as well as the many creative suggestions that we received from the community.

June 26th, 2022
Episode #433: A 10, But They Spoiled the NBA 2K23 Cover Andrew & Dee4Three

The official Electronic Arts and WWE Games Twitter accounts made bewildering gaffes this past week, and like many of our fellow gamers, we're unimpressed. Obsidian, meanwhile, displayed an attitude that we'd like to see more often. Elsewhere, NBA insider Shams Charania apparently leaked the NBA 2K23 cover player, and we have some thoughts on 2K's choice. Since the NBA 2K23 preview season is almost upon us, we also reflect on NBA 2K22, summing up our final thoughts on the game, and giving it a rating out of ten. After reminiscing about a satisfying session of NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, we open up the mailbag to discuss who should be the five best-rated players in NBA 2K23.

July 4th, 2022
Episode #434: NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenge & PC News Andrew & Dee4Three

How much would you pay for a sealed copy of Lakers vs. Celtics? Here's a hint: it'll set you back more than the Championship Edition of NBA 2K23! Speaking of which, in the wake of the NBA 2K23 preview season tipping off, we discuss the cover reveals, pre-order bonuses, and the return of the Jordan Challenge. With the news that the PC version will be Current Gen once again, we consider the possible reasons for the decision, and the future of the series on the platform. We also talk about some interesting NBA Live rumours, and the underrated NBA Inside Drive series. In this week's mailbag, the community reacts to the news about NBA 2K23 PC, and suggests new games for the Jordan Challenge.

July 10th, 2022
Episode #435: How EA Could Sell Us On NBA Live 24 Andrew & Dee4Three

Barring a very surprising announcement, NBA Live won't be back in 2022. However, EA Sports has a golden opportunity to make a triumphant return with NBA Live 24 in 2023. The question is, how do they sell it to basketball gamers, and meet their expectations? We posed the question to the community, and received many enthusiastic answers as to what would encourage gamers to switch back to NBA Live, or double dip with NBA Live and NBA 2K. An old story about Julius Erving and the Utah Jazz also prompts us to consider interesting scenarios for a "What If" roster mod, and we recap a fun co-op session of NBA Inside Drive 2003 over Parsec.

July 18th, 2022
Episode #436: How To Get Into Retro Basketball Gaming Andrew & Dee4Three

Revisiting Fox Sports NBA Basketball 2000 reminded us of how hilariously bad it is, but it also found a new way to mess with us. Not surprisingly, NBA Live 2004 holds up much better, especially with a broadcast camera mod and the 1996 season roster. We received a couple of responses to last week's show asking about acquiring copies of NBA Live PC and other older releases, so this week, we dive into how to get into retro basketball gaming/collecting. It needn't be expensive, nor do you need to be the crazy collectors that we are! In this week's mailbag, we circle back to the question of what counts as retro in basketball gaming, with our listeners sharing some interesting and differing opinions on the matter.

July 24th, 2022
Episode #437: NBA 2K23 First Look, NBA in the Zone, and...Garfield Kart? Andrew & Dee4Three

Following up on last week's show about retro collecting, we have some further recommendations, and a possible new recurring segment. We also make good on two promises: to test multiplayer in Garfield Kart, and to play NBA in the Zone and NBA in the Zone 2. Garfield Kart was of course life-changing, but Konami's classics proved to be very interesting releases to revisit. The NBA 2K23 First Look Trailer has given us a glimpse of the Next Gen version in action, and we certainly have some thoughts ahead of next week's gameplay news. A recent video from Agent 00 resonated with us, and aptly summed up the politics of content creation. Finally, we're opening up this week's mailbag to discuss 2K fatigue.

July 31st, 2022
Episode #438: NBA 2K23 Gameplay Blog, Bill Russell, & Classic Cam Andrew & Dee4Three

This week's show opens with a tribute to the late, great Bill Russell, truly one of the most legendary figures in basketball history. As we catch up on what we've been playing recently - including another NBA 2K14 MyCAREER update - we discuss our fondness for Classic Cam, and our appreciation of its appearances in later games. We also reflect on NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC, and compare NBA Live 06 and NBA 2K6 on Xbox 360. On the heels of the First Look Trailer, the first developer blog of the preview season provided us with insights into gameplay in NBA 2K23, and we have plenty of thoughts to share! We also open up the mailbag to hear what the community thought of the blog.

August 7th, 2022
Episode #439: NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenge Blog, NBA Live 2003, & Big Mods Andrew & Dee4Three

What are our reactions to the NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenge blog? We break down the latest news, and discuss whether it has us any more hyped for NBA 2K23. We also recap a fun game of NBA Live 2003 PC, and reflect on changing opinions about games that we originally viewed less positively. A recent post in the Forum leads to a discussion of the challenges presented by big modding projects, particularly retro season rosters. We also answer a question about downplaying past eras to promote the current NBA, and open up the mailbag to find out the first thing that gamers will be doing when they get their hands on NBA 2K23.

August 14th, 2022
Episode #440: MyNBA Eras in NBA 2K23 & Other Wonderful Throwbacks Andrew & Dee4Three

MyNBA Eras have added a feature to the franchise experience in NBA 2K23 Next Gen that we once thought wouldn't ever be possible. Although we do have some concerns about the quality of certain elements, and its absence in Current Gen is a bummer, we're definitely impressed and excited! That joy carried over to our retro gaming this week, as we were able to resolve some technical issues for a better experience. Another instalment of Dee's Deals provides a roundup of some very fairly-priced classics for aspiring collectors. We also reflect on the lineup of basketball games circa 2002-2003, once again lamenting the lack of choice we have some twenty years later. In this week's mailbag, our listeners tell us which MyNBA Era they're most excited to play in NBA 2K23.

August 21st, 2022
Episode #441: NBA 2K23 MyTEAM, The W, & Other Wins Andrew & Dee4Three

The latest developer blogs delivered some more great news about NBA 2K23, this time concerning MyTEAM and The W. As release day looms, we're allowing ourselves to feel optimistic. We also revisited NBA Live 2001 this week, while dusting off an old retro season mod. It produced a dramatic win, but we were reminded that the game can be very hit and miss! A session with NBA Inside Drive 2003 yielded a fun Easter egg, though a reply to a Tweet about it prompts us to defend retro basketball gaming once again. There are also a couple of recent retro pickups to reflect upon, updates on our NBA 2K19 MyLEAGUE and NBA 2K14 MyCAREER games to share, and a mailbag question about using players out of position.

August 28th, 2022
Episode #442: The Final Countdown to NBA 2K23 Andrew & Dee4Three

It's the final countdown to NBA 2K23! Snippets of news are coming through on a daily basis leading up to the release, though the details aren't always substantial. We've got thoughts to share on the MyCAREER trailer, GOAT Boat developer blog, J. Cole cover, guest announcers, and soundtrack reveal (such as it was). We also reflect on an incredible steal of a retro collecting pickup, and respond to a Tweet that perfectly demonstrates Next Gen snobbery. In this week's mailbag, our listeners tell us about the role players and benchwarmers that became Virtual Hardwood Legends for them, and we share a few more examples of our own unlikely stars throughout many years of basketball gaming.

September 5th, 2022
Episode #443: NBA 2K23 First Impressions Andrew & Dee4Three

NBA 2K23 is out now worldwide, and we've been spending plenty of time with both versions of the game since they launched! As such, this week's episode is all about taking a deep dive into our first impressions of NBA 2K23, and discussing the pros and cons as we currently see them. From gameplay, graphics, and the Jordan Challenge, to MyNBA Eras, MyTEAM, and roster accuracy, we've got plenty of thoughts to share with our fellow basketball gamers. We also compare the Next Gen and Current Gen versions, discuss the forthcoming modding season as it tips off, and share our outlook on playing NBA 2K23 consistently in the months to come.

September 11th, 2022
Episode #444: Further NBA 2K23 Impressions & Gatekeeping Nonsense Andrew & Dee4Three

After a full week with NBA 2K23, what are our thoughts on both versions of the game? We've got further impressions to share - both positive and negative - about gameplay, MyNBA Eras, and MyTEAM. One of us headed to The Rec to check out the state of the online scene, and in what may come as a surprising development, we could be seeing the return of NLSC THRILLHO! The addition of Semi-Pro difficulty leads to a discussion of preferred settings, and their impact on first impressions. We also reflect on the interesting use of Legends in NBA ShootOut 2004, and respond to a particularly nasty and condescending Tweet about playing video games as an adult. In this week's mailbag, our listeners share their thoughts on NBA 2K23 so far.

September 18th, 2022
Episode #445: Is NBA 2K23 The Greediest 2K Ever? Andrew & Dee4Three

The greediness and pushiness of microtransactions in NBA 2K23 is under fire this past week, as the honeymoon period with the game appears to be drawing to a close. We're certainly inclined to agree with that critique, though it's disheartening to see people shilling and shouting down valid criticism. While we're still enjoying NBA 2K23, there are concerning issues from gameplay balance online, to the expense of MyTEAM packs and upgrades in MyCAREER. Meanwhile, the quickness in patching a happy accident with MyNBA Eras rosters while leaving other issues untouched highlights a continued lack of goodwill. We also recall a cool feature in the Japanese-exclusive NBA Starting Five 2005, and open up the mailbag to get the community's thoughts on the approach to VC in NBA 2K23, as well as find out what they've been playing so far.

September 25th, 2022
Episode #446: Return of the NBA Live 2001 Legends Andrew & Dee4Three

Special Guests: Nate & Roger

They're back! Nate and Roger, the NBA Live 2001 Legends, join us once again to talk about their all-time favourite basketball video game, as well as other virtual hardwood classics that they enjoy such as NBA Live 2004 and NBA Live 2005. We discuss the appeal of retro basketball gaming, and compare notes about what drives our nostalgia for specific titles. As fellow creators, they also weigh in on the challenges that come with creating content that's based around older titles, or otherwise doesn't chase trends. The guys also share some great stories about interacting with former NBA players thanks to their NBA Live 2001 highlights, name some of their favourite video game teams, throw out a few suggestions for fantasy scenarios, and list other video games that they enjoy.

October 3rd, 2022
Episode #447: Fun With NBA Live 2003 & NBA 2K23 Andrew & Dee4Three

After putting together a rough draft of an All-Time Teams roster for NBA Live 2003 PC, we decided to test it out over Parsec. The result was a fun co-op game, and incentive to keep working on the project! We've still been having a blast with NBA 2K23 as well, and recap our recent sessions with MyTEAM, MyNBA, MyCAREER, and 3v3 Pro-Am. We also feel compelled to call out egotistical influencers who dismiss opinions based on follower counts, and remind everyone that you don't need to be a "big name" to have a worthy opinion. After brainstorming some more modding ideas, we open up the mailbag to discuss ideas on how to improve customisation features.

October 10th, 2022
Episode #448: NBA Showdown 94, Virtual Injuries, & Early 2000s Nostalgia Andrew & Dee4Three

After circling back to our plans to revisit NBA Showdown 94, we connected on Parsec for a head-to-head game. Although it was a lot of fun, we can't help but reflect on what a massive jump NBA Live 95 made in just one year. We also recap our other basketball gaming sessions from the past week, which included another co-op game of NBA Live 2003, and a devastating injury in NBA 2K14 MyCAREER. Additionally, we discuss our future plans with NBA 2K23, and feeling more inclined to play old favourites instead as of late. In this week's mailbag, the community tells us which retro hoops titles they'd pick up if they had $20 to spend.

October 17th, 2022
Episode #449: NBA Live 99, Arch Rivals, & NBA 2K23 Updates Andrew & Dee4Three

NBA Live 99 PC is arguably one of the most underrated basketball video games of all-time, and we had a blast revisiting it using a 2002 roster update! In addition to giving NBA Live 99 PC its due, our session also inspired us to reflect on the Boston Celtics and Michael Jordan-led Washington Wizards of the 2002 season. We also discuss the latest NBA 2K23 patch, which thankfully appears to have done more good than harm. There's also some recent retro basketball game pickups to share, including Arch Rivals for the NES, the later NBA 2K titles for PlayStation 2, and a few other classics and rarities that will undoubtedly appeal to our fellow enthusiastic collectors and retro gamers.

October 24th, 2022
Episode #450: Games That Make You Say Boom, Baby! Andrew & Dee4Three

We're marking 150 episodes as a duo, and to celebrate, we've got some fun NBA trivia related to the number 150! In light of Kendrick Perkins butting heads with Ronnie 2K over his Overall Rating in NBA 2K throughout the years, we look back at the rosters in NBA 2K10 - his best season in the league - to see if he has a legitimate beef. We also revisited NBA Live 96 and NBA Live 99 PC using custom rosters this past week, and it's safe to say that it won't be the last time! We're also paying tribute to the commentary of the late great Don Poier, and opening up the mailbag to some very kind words from our listeners.

October 31st, 2022
Episode #451: NBA 2K8, NBA Live 2000, & Jordan vs Bird Andrew & Dee4Three

Revisiting NBA 2K8 produced a very satisfying co-op win, and also brought back memories of two Bens on the  Chicago Bulls. We also had a session with NBA Live 2000 in order to compare it to NBA Live 99, and the verdict is that they're both pretty exceptional releases! We're also going extremely old school this week, as we played the PC version of Jordan vs Bird via floppy disk; after entering the correct value from the copy protection wheel, of course. We also reflect on former Boston Celtic point guard Marcus Banks, discuss recent retro pickups and modding projects, and open up the mailbag to discuss favourite cover players and some interesting cover player trivia.

November 6th, 2022
Episode #452: NBA Starting Five 2005, Draft Rosters, & Overall Ratings Andrew & Dee4Three

After playing a co-op game of NBA Starting Five 2005 over Parsec, it's clear why the game wasn't a worldwide release! The Japanese-exclusive title is still interesting though, and it leads us to reflect on Konami's history on the virtual hardwood. We also connected for a game of NBA Live 96 PC with work-in-progress Draft Rosters, and had a blast playing with and against stacked lineups. Our eagerness to play older games also points towards a feeling of ennui when it comes to NBA 2K23. After comparing Birthday Lineups, we open up the mailbag to quiz the community on the Top 7 Overall Ratings back in NBA 2K10, which featured a couple of surprises.

November 13th, 2022
Episode #453: Was NBA 2K17 The Last Great NBA 2K? Andrew & Dee4Three

Is NBA 2K17 still the last great release in the series? The question has come up again, so we take another look back at one of our all-time favourite games. We also revisited NCAA Basketball 10 with an extremely fun co-op game over Parsec. Once again, we wonder might have been if EA Sports hadn't dropped the ball with their sim basketball titles after 2009, and consider the possibility that they return to the space with a college title instead. We also reminisce about going to the arcade, and open up the mailbag to quiz the community on Overall Ratings in NBA Live 2005. In the process, we discover some interesting facts and figures!

November 21st, 2022
Episode #454: Retro Sessions & 2K's Return to Form Andrew & Dee4Three

As promised last week, we revisited NBA Live 2005, and were reminded of what a great game it was (and still is)! NBA Live 2002, NBA 2K14, and NBA Street Homecourt have also been in the rotation as of late, and they've inspired some of our recent YouTube content. We also follow up on last week's discussion of NBA 2K17 being the last truly great release in the 2K series with our thoughts on whether NBA 2K23 is a return to form, and thus the best game since then. In this week's mailbag, we're quizzing the community on the Top 5 players in the original NBA 2K. Not to go all clickbait, but at least one name will definitely surprise you!

November 28th, 2022
Episode #455: Our Definitive Review & Ranking of NBA 2K23 Andrew & Dee4Three

NBA 2K23 has been out for three months, and the game in its current state is likely what we're going to have for the rest of its life cycle. As such, this week we're going in-depth with our definitive review and ranking of NBA 2K23! What are its biggest pros and cons? Where does it rank among the all-time best games in the NBA 2K series? What needs to change in NBA 2K24, and how optimistic are we about the game's direction? From gameplay to depth and accuracy, to microtransactions and fairness to the gamer, it's a comprehensive breakdown! We also quiz the community on NBA Live 2003 dunk ratings in this week's mailbag.

December 5th, 2022
Episode #456: The Truth About Sim Basketball Andrew & Dee4Three

A recent Tweet from a fellow "old head" perfectly summed up why it's a ridiculous insult for anyone who's been around the block and knows their stuff. It's quite timely too, as this week we're reflecting on what simulation basketball actually means in 2022. We discuss how changes in the real NBA have affected the virtual hardwood in terms of what gamers want and what they're emulating, and compare it to our more traditional notion of sim hoops. Our deep dive encompasses everything from mindless playcalling to the selfishness and meta gaming that dominates the online scene. In this week's mailbag, we're quizzing the community on the top six current and classic players in NBA 2K17.

December 11th, 2022
Episode #457: Back To School With College Hoops 2K7 Andrew & Dee4Three

Our game of choice for a Parsec session this week was College Hoops 2K7, a release that's often overshadowed by its very popular sequel. We discuss some of the key points of the game, from the quality of its animations, authenticity, and presentation, to experimental motion controls and minor quibbles. It's also provided us with a new virtual hardwood legend: Jevon Bro! Referring back to a recent Reddit post and Wayback Wednesday retrospective, we reflect on how well NBA 2K13 holds up, and the recency bias that is pushing it towards becoming underrated. We also recall some exciting pickups in MyTEAM, and note how NBA 2K23 PC has changed for the worse following the most recent patch.

December 18th, 2022
Episode #458: Why We're Thankful For Basketball Games Andrew & Dee4Three

To all of our listeners, Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings! We've got a very festive episode for you this week, as we're reflecting on why we're thankful for basketball video games, and what basketball gaming and modding has meant to us throughout the years. From our very first games that tipped off our love of the hobby, to the landmark releases and innovations that blew us away, there's plenty that we're grateful for. In this week's mailbag, we join the community in sharing some of our favourite holiday memories on the virtual hardwood, including the hoops titles that we received as gifts.

December 25th, 2022