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The rules for contributors here in the NLSC Wiki are much the same as the NLSC Forum Rules. Most of them boil down to common sense and not causing trouble, however there are a couple that need to be emphasised as well as a few Wiki specific guidelines that bear mentioning.

No flaming and personal attacks

Site staff, your fellow doesn't matter. We want this Wiki to be a friendly and fun place for everyone. If you have a problem with someone, work it out in private. Anyway who seeks to make this a hostile place with nasty, threatening, insulting or otherwise objectionable edits will be banned. Slurs and general inflammatory remarks also come under this banner.

We'd also prefer to keep profanity out of the articles. We're a bit lenient on cursing when it comes to the Forum - within reason - but there's no need for it in the Wiki resources. No nudity or other Not Safe For Work pictures/content, either.

No nonsense edits

We want this to be a fun place, but we also want it to be informative so please, take things a little seriously. Nonsense edits range from simple inaccurate information to general silliness and "jkhkghkjkjkjhk"/"who cares" edits. That kind of stuff is going to get deleted pretty quickly and frequent offenders will be banned. We want people to have fun and enjoy themselves here, but spoiling things for everyone else and preventing articles from being informative resources is out.

Citations are not necessary

Unlike Wikipedia, we don't insist on citations throughout articles, however you are welcome to provide links that support the information added by your edits. Generally speaking, anything unsubstantiated will be removed in due course.

English only, please

Like the main site and Forum, the Wiki is an English resource. If you intend to contribute to the articles or create a new one, please use English only. Please also avoid using Internet shorthand, leetspeak, randomly capitalising letters or foregoing the use of capital letters where appropriate; you don't have to sound like an English professor, but if you're going to contribute, please be coherent. Good grammar and spelling is also encouraged, though other contributors can obviously make corrections as necessary.

Avoid personal bias

Our main aim is to be informative so please try to avoid personal bias hindering your edits or editorialising in the articles. This ranges from simple editing an article to say "NBA Live/NBA 2K sucks" to a long winded rant about why you think NBA Live/NBA 2K sucks. Feel free to use the discussion pages or the NLSC Forum to talk about those topics, but in the articles themselves please leave out personal opinions and commentary.

Do not edit other people's user pages

Please refrain from editing your fellow users' personal user pages. Use the appropriate talk page if you want to get in touch with them.

Please note we reserve the right to amend the contributor guidelines and code of conduct at any time as we see fit. If you have any queries or concerns about the NBA Live Wiki, please contact us or use the Discussion page.