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Official updates (also called official patches) refer to any patches released by EA Sports themselves, as opposed the unofficial updates created by members of the online NBA Live community. These updates are usually roster or bug fix patches which correct problems with the game. At times, the community has petitioned EA Sports to release bug fixes when a game has had several glaring errors which seriously affect user enjoyment. Traditionally, the PC versions of NBA Live are the only versions to benefit from official updates but beginning with the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, console gamers have also benefitted from official roster patches and fixes.

Games that have received official updates[edit]

The following games in the NBA Live series have received official updates from EA Sports:

NBA Live 95[edit]

  • Joystick Compatibility Update (PC)
  • Soundcard Issues Update (PC)

NBA Live 98[edit]

  • Bug Fix (PC)

NBA Live 99[edit]

  • Bug Fix & Roster Update (PC)
  • Second Roster Update (PC)

The NBA Lockout prevented NBA Live 99 from being released with updated 1998/1999 season rosters, leading to the official roster update to be released.

NBA Live 2003[edit]

  • Bug Fix (PC)

NBA Live 2004[edit]

  • Bug Fix (PC)

NBA Live 2005[edit]

  • Added Save Stats function (PC)

NBA Live 06[edit]

  • Roster Updates (Xbox 360)

NBA Live 07[edit]

  • Bug Fix (PC)
  • Roster Updates (Xbox 360)

NBA Live 08[edit]

NBA Live 09[edit]