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PLAYERPKG (pronounced and sometimes referred to as "player package") is a field in players.dbf, used to link to the graphics files for player cyberfaces and portraits. It utilises seven letter values conventionally taken from the player's name, with the first two letters being from the player's first name and the latter five letters comprising the first five letters of the player's surname (eg Michael Jordan becomes MIJORDA). This value must correspond to the name of the player's face and portrait files. When a player's surname has fewer than five letters, an underscore (_) is used in place of letters (eg David Lee becomes DALEE__, Grant Hill becomes GRHILL_).

Difficulties arise with players with the same name or whose names would normally result in the same naming convention, such as twin centres Jason and Jarron Collins. In these instances, the third letter in the player's first name may be used instead (eg JRCOLLI for Jarron Collins) or an underscore may be used in place of one of the letters (eg JACOLL_). This can sometimes cause problems with custom face patches, since not all roster makers use the same naming conventions for players in this situation, though most use one of the two common variations when necessary (either an underscore or the third letter of the first name). It is possible to use any unused seven letter value for a PLAYERPKG however, as long as the name of the art files matches.