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Pick and Roll Control (also written as Pick & Roll Control) is a gameplay mechanic introduced in NBA Live 09. It allows the user to call for a pick and control the actions of the teammate setting the screen - specifically whether they'll immediately cut to the basket, or "roll" or "pop" - while retaining control of the ballhandler. The ballhandler may also elect to use the pick to get to the basket, or take a wide open shot.


The specific controls for Pick and Roll Control vary slightly from game to game, but essentially involve holding down the designated Pick and Roll Control button/trigger to call for a pick. In early games, the length of time the button/trigger was held determined whether the player setting the pick cut on a slip screen, rolled, or popped. Later games expanded the controls to give users more precision over their instructions to the teammate setting the pick. In NBA Live 16, releasing the trigger and then holding it down again will instruct the teammate to reset the pick on the opposite side.