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Player Rotation menu in the PC version of NBA Live 07
The Player Rotation menu is a roster management function in the NBA Live series that allows users to adjust team lineups and depth charts in Dynasty Mode. Together with the Inactive List, it is a replacement for the Reorder Roster function in NBA Live's Dynasty Mode, a move that has proven somewhat unpopular due to its tendency to be cumbersome and the limited functions of the Inactive List feature. The approach has also produced undesirable results with CPU rotations and lineups, particularly when it was first implemented in NBA Live 07.


Users are able to set their team's depth charts using the Player Rotation function, assigning playing time at each of the five positions. Up to three players may be assigned time at each position, which impacts the results of simulation. The starters at each position can also be changed in this way. When the Player Rotation was first implemented in NBA Live 07, users were also able to designate "starting percentages" which allowed regular starters to come off the bench in some games if desired, according to the set percentage (players could also be set to start 100% of their games). This function was removed however as the results were not always desirable, particularly for CPU controlled teams which would frequently bench starters without good reason.

As a means of reordering rosters and changing lineups, the Player Rotation function has not been widely popular and a return to the traditional Reorder Roster method has become a staple of recent Wishlists.