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The Player of the Game feature has been a staple of the game since NBA Live 95. After each game of NBA Live has concluded, a standout performance by a single player is recognised with Player of the Game honours, emulating a feature used in many NBA television broadcasts. As with real broadcasts the selection of the Player of the Game has often been branded, with participating companies including Topps, Nike (more specifically the Jordan Brand) and EA Sports themselves. There is no specific criteria for achieving Player of the Game honours though preference is often given to the leading scorer and players from the losing team are generally not in contention.

The Player of the Game is displayed at the end of the fourth quarter following the final game score, along with a summary of his statistics. In later games users are presented with the option of viewing the player's stats by quarter as well as his totals for the game.

Key Players/Players at the Half[edit]

At the halftime break, one standout player from each team is recognised for their first half performance. More often than not, this is an early indication of each team's frontrunner for Player of the Game, though this may change as the second half unfolds.