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The President of Basketball
Pres young.png
Pres with Justice Young
Full Name User Defined
Role Player Character
Age 19
Height User Defined
Weight User Defined
College User Defined
Position User Defined
Number User Defined
Family/Friends Mom
Dad (deceased)
Justice Young
Denver Levins
Coach Falls
Coach Brubaker
Xavier Cross
Bruce Pepper
Tiffany Rasberry
Alanah Turner
Actor Sullivan Jones
Games NBA 2K17

Pres (short for The President of Basketball) is the player character in NBA 2K17's MyCAREER mode. A highly touted prospect and heavily recruited player out of high school, he forms a duo known as "Orange Juice" with fellow rookie Justice Young.

Background & Biography[edit]

Pres' full name, appearance, ethnicity, hometown, position, playing style, and choice of college are ultimately left up to the user. The only established elements of Pres' backstory are that he attended Lower Valley High School, and that his father passed away when he was fourteen, about four years before the story begins. His mother is fiercely supportive of his dream to play in the NBA, and proclaims to be the #1 Pres Fan.

Although very confident in his abilities and not above banter or trash talk, Pres is portrayed as being respectful of authority figures, such as Coach Falls and Coach Brubaker. He also appears to be embarrassed when his mother talks up his abilities at the expense of his teammates.

College Career[edit]

Users are given the opportunity to play through at least four games in Pres' college career, with a fifth game unlocked if his team reaches the championship round. During this part of MyCAREER, the goal is to raise Pres' Draft stock, in order to move up on the Draft board. Following the championship game, Pres is invited to play with Team USA. These games made up the Prelude DLC on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Pres' college coach is Hemsley Adson, while his teammates include senior Grant Alabaster. He also meets (and eventually dates) Alanah Turner. At the conclusion of his freshman year, Pres decides to go pro and enter the 2016 NBA Draft. Upon being selected, he meets fellow rookie Justice Young, a four year college player and workhorse athlete who ended up being taken in the second round.

NBA Career[edit]

Early on in his NBA career, Pres forms a friendship with Justice Young, which translates into chemistry on the court. The two rookies seek to become the next great NBA duo, and while watching highlights of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, decide they need a nickname. They coin the moniker "Orange Juice", based on the idea that they "put the squeeze" on opponents. After this point, the user is able to "activate Orange Juice" by making three plays involving Pres and Justice assisting one another. When the Orange Juice controls are activated, the user can send commands to Justice Young, or switch control to him.

Despite their strong play as a duo, there are rumours early on in the season that Young will be traded. Pres is strongly opposed to the prospect of playing without Young, and is given an opportunity to speak out against the trade rumours at several points, including an interview with Jason Richmond. Pres' team ultimately decides against trading Young, much to their relief and excitement. Early on in his rookie season, Pres is introduced to Tiffany Rasberry by Justice.

Pres also forms a friendship with journeyman Denver Levins, a lighthearted personality who is well-liked on the team, but is ultimately released during Pres' rookie season. Denver later has an opportunity to return to the team, with Pres putting in a good word for him.

Halfway through his rookie season, Pres sustains a hamstring injury. He is given the choice of playing through the injury, or sitting a few games in order to rest it. If the user chooses to play through the injury, his ratings will take a temporary hit accordingly. Late in the season, Pres receives offers to have a book written about him, and ultimately chooses Jason Richmond to write it.

At the conclusion of his first season in the NBA, Pres is a free agent (despite the fact real rookies are signed for two years, with a further two years at the team's option). The user can select three teams to field offers from, including the team they're currently playing for, and negotiate a new contract. As Pres and Justice vow not to break up Orange Juice, Justice will also sign with the team the user chooses.


  • The "Presidential" motif is a running theme with Pres' character, from references to him being "impeached" after bad performances, to the doorbell on his MyCOURT playing "Hail to the Chief"
  • Despite being a highly touted prospect, Pres will always begin his career as a 55 Overall player.
  • Although the user can't change Pres' primary nickname, they can assign a secondary nickname that will be used by Kevin Harlan during play-by-play, and the PA Announcer. Unlike in NBA 2K16, this can be done early on in MyCAREER.
  • If the user requests a trade, it is possible to request that Justice Young is also included.