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Primacy is a player rating in NBA Live that determines a player's role in the offense. Specifically, a player with a high primacy rating will, in theory, consistently attempt the most shots (and hence usually score the most points) in gameplay and simulation. It in essence defines a player as "go to guy" for his team as the top scorers all have high primacy ratings. Players with low primacy ratings will still attempt shots but will be a low priority in their team's offense.

Although it has been present in some form throughout most games in the NBA Live series, Primacy has often been a hidden attribute and thus only accessible through external editors. This has at times caused problems due to Primacy Recalculation.

Primacy Recalculation[edit]

Primacy Recalculation is the name commonly given to the automatic readjustment of Primacy ratings made by various games in the NBA Live series. Introduced in the last gen version of NBA Live 06, at which point Primacy once again became a hidden attribute, it automatically lowered the Primacy ratings for injured stars and raised the Primacy ratings for players left in the active lineup. The reasoning behind this change was to allow the active players to fill the void of an injured go to guy until his return. Primacy ratings are also recalculated when trades or signings are made in attempt to redistribute shot attempts with the altered lineup.

Unfortunately, upon the injured player's return the Primacy ratings are not reverted to their default state and thus the star scorer takes a lower priority on offense while another player becomes the team's new leading scorer, often with wildly inaccurate results. While there is no fix for the console versions, a quick and easy fix for the PC version is to use a batch file to automatically restore more desirable Primacy ratings. The NLSC Roster Updates for NBA Live 06, NBA Live 07 and NBA Live 08 contain such a batch file which can be applied periodically to a saved Dynasty to restore the roster's original Primacy ratings.

Disabling injuries can reduce the amount of recalculations performed during a season in Dynasty Mode but this is not a desirable option for players who are looking for realism or a challenge, and does not address the problem of Primacy ratings being recalculated when transactions occur.

NBA Live 09 & Featured Scorer Logic[edit]

With the introduction of Dynamic DNA in the Xbox 360/Playstation 3 version of NBA Live 09, more attributes have been introduced to influence a player's style of play and tendencies while their role in the offense and "go to guy" mentality is governed by a Primacy-like attribute known as Featured Scorer Logic. These changes reflected an increased effort to make NBA Live's virtual players perform more like their real life counterparts.