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Quick Strike Ankle Breakers (introduced in NBA Live 08 as Quick Strike Ballhandling) is the name given to the dribbling controls in NBA Live 09 and is the successor to Freestyle Control, utilising similar control methods with the use of the right analog stick. The technology was first used in NBA Street: Homecourt and then ported for use in NBA Live 08 and is intended to give the user complete control over a player's dribbling moves while also allowing them to break out of animations.

NBA Live 08[edit]

Quick Strike made its debut in the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of NBA Live 08, replacing Freestyle Control. Although it used the same basic control scheme (left-to-right for crossovers, up for a spin move, etc) it also introduced the ability to break out of animations, meaning that the user could string together moves and interrupt them at any time to make a pass or shoot. The system also recognised rapid movements of the right stick, allowing the user to perform increasing faster crossover dribble moves with quick left-to-right movements.

NBA Live 09[edit]

The system returned in NBA Live 09 and was rebranded Quick Strike Ankle Breakers, retaining the same functionality as in NBA Live 08 along with some stationary dribbling moves. By holding turbo and moving the right stick while stationary, players can execute a series of jab steps and fakes in an attempt to get a defender off-balance before trying to blow past them. A few of the move assignments were also updated.