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The Remix Tour is a game mode in EA Sports NBA Jam. It is an alternative to the classic campaign, which involves defeating all 30 NBA teams and engaging in boss battles with NBA Legends. In contrast, the Remix Tour is longer and provides a different experience with elements such as halfcourt games, more challenging one-on-one boss battles, altered rules, mini-games and more.


The Remix Tour includes several changes to the classic tournament game featured in NBA Jam including boss battles and special challenges/mini-games. Challenges include:

  • Backboard Smash, in which teams must deplete a health meter for their opponent's backboard by scoring baskets until the backboard is smashed. Different shots deplete differing amounts of health from the meter, with dunks naturally doing the most amount of damage. Goaltending a basket restores the opponent's health meter.
  • Domination, in which players must make shots from spots on the court to "own" them and thus score points.
  • Elimination
  • 21