Renaming Courts

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Andreas Dahl's Next Gen Practice Court

This tutorial will give you the ins and outs on renaming courts and how they show up in the game. Before we start I'd recomend a renaming program such as File Renamer.

The Guide

NBA Live (2005-07) uses a 4 letter abbreviation to deliniate which court (or jersey) is for which team. A list of the abbreviations can be found in this this article.

For this tutorial we will convert Andreas Dahl's amazing Next-Gen Practice Court for 06 to 07.

  • Run the installer and locate the files. It should install to C:\Program files\EA Sports\NBA Live 06\sgsm (aka the 06 sgsm folder)

  • According to the abbreviation list 06's practice court abbreviation is pgym . Locate every file whose first for characters are pgym in the sgsm folder.

  • In NBA Live 07 the practice abbreviation is prac so rename all of the files that begin with pgym to prac (this is where the file renaming program can come in handy. Locate the NBA Live 06 sgsm folder then go to the Find/Replace tab. Type in pgym in the find box and prac in the replace box.)

  • Now select all of the newly renamed files which should now begin with prac . Right Click or goto the edit menu and cut or copy them. Then navigate to the Live 07 sgsm folder (C:\Program files\EA Sports\NBA Live 07\sgsm) and paste the files in there.

  • Check to make sure all 20 of the court files got copied to the Live 07 sgsm folder.

  • Load up the game and enjoy Dahl's amazing court!