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Since the introduction of Franchise Mode in NBA Live 2000, the NBA Live series has made use of generated rookies in the annual NBA Draft. Prior to NBA Live 2005, rookies were generated during the offseason and could only be scouted in a limited way during the Draft itself. From NBA Live 2005 onwards, rookies are generated at the beginning of the season and the user may scout players throughout the year as well as scrimmage with rookies in the offseason leading up to the Draft, so that they make a more informed choice.

Appearance and Attributes[edit]

The names, appearance, height, weight, college, ratings and other data for generated rookies is generated randomly. A list of common first names and surnames are used to provide random pairings, sometimes with humourous results with celebrity names being used (eg Bill Cosby) or mismatched first names and surnames (eg Robert Olajuwon). Originally player appearances were randomised using the same elements from Create a Player but has since been replaced by a stock of generic, fictional cyberface files that are randomly assigned to generated rookies. It is not uncommon for different users to encounter players of the same name at some point during a Dynasty game, though the attributes of those players may differ greatly.

When working with the DBF files of the PC version, generated rookies are designated by a value of "True" in their ISGENERATE field. Once a class of rookies has been generated, it is possible to edit their attributes if the user wishes to customise their names or other attributes. It is also possible to add rookies to the Draft Pool through DBF editing.

Reason for use[edit]

Generated rookies are used in place of real collegiate or international players because of licensing restrictions. The same restrictions that prevent EA Sports from including real players in their March Madness/NCAA Basketball series prevent the inclusion of current college players as future draftees in NBA Live. Likewise, international players cannot be included without first securing likeness rights and such a practice is not always legally or financially feasible.