Shooting Controls in NBA Live 10

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NBA Live 10 will feature several additions and changes to the shooting controls, one of the most notable changes being the elimination of the two button approach and the subsequent return to one button shooting. The user retains control over the shot however as movements of the left stick and the use of the turbo button allow the user to attempt bank shots, fadeaways, step-back jumpers, layups and dunks. Player movement and position on the floor are also important factors in NBA Live 10's shot control. The shoot button in the controller configuration has also been changed from B on the Xbox 360/Circle on the Playstation 3 to the X and Square buttons respectively.

Basic Controls[edit]

Traditionally, the controller configuration in NBA Live has used the B button on the Xbox 360 and Circle button on the Playstation 3 to perform jumpshots. In NBA Live 10, shooting has been moved to the X button on the Xbox 360 and the Square button on the Playstation 3. These buttons have previously been used as the dunk/layup buttons in NBA Live. The user is not able to re-assign shooting controls to another button in NBA Live 10.

The timing of the release of the shoot button will be paramount in shooting the ball properly, though a player's shooting percentage DNA will factor into their success from different spots on the floor as ratings have done in the past. The method of properly timing releases did return in NBA Live 09 but has been reworked and improved for NBA Live 10 along with other aspects of player movement and control. It is therefore important to get used to the different jumpshot styles of the players on your team to discover the optimum release point for each of their shooting mechanics.

Shot Types[edit]

The type of shot a player attempts is dictated by how they are moving on the court, the context of the situation (in traffic, wide-open, etc) and the movements that the user makes with the left stick. Regular jumpshots are attempted with the left stick in the neutral position. With simple movements of the left stick, users can attempt a variety of shots. By continuing to hold the left stick in the direction a player is moving while pressing shoot, the player will perform a jump stop before pulling up for a jumpshot while releasing the left stick before pressing the shoot button while the player still has momentum will cause the player to attempt a two-step pull-up jumpshot. Pulling the left stick away from the basket while the player has momentum will allow the player to attempt a step-back jumpshot. A individual player's success rate with different types of shots is influenced by his DNA while certain players also have signature step-back and pull-up shots in addition to their signature forms

Bank shots can be attempted by holding the left stick in any direction upon releasing the shoot button. Bank shots do not greatly impact the success of an attempt, however.

In the paint[edit]

Layups are performed simply by moving towards the basket and pressing the shot button. If the user holds turbo will doing this, a player will attempt a dunk. Whether or not a player can attempt a dunk also depends on his abilities and the context of the situation, such as his distance from the hoop and congestion in the lane. It is therefore recommended that users are selective about attempting dunks as there is a certain risk/reward factor involved.

NBA Live 10 also features Layup Solutions, which involves the ability to control layups and force a player to attempt a layup on a specific side of the hoop. Throwing the left stick to the left or right while attempting a layup will cause a player to attempt a layup to the left or right, depending on the direction chosen. This allows the user to use the basket to shield the ball from shot blockers on a layup attempt. Players can also be made to attempt pro hops, Euro-step and spin layups (depending on the moves a specific player has in his arsenal) by holding turbo and beginning a layup attempt from around fifteen feet out from the basket and moving the stick left or right on the attempt. Finally, players can also attempt up-and-under layups by throwing the left stick towards the baseline during a layup attempt made on a baseline drive.