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Size-Ups (also written as Size Ups) is a gameplay concept introduced in NBA Live 10 as a part of dribbling control. They refer to stationary dribble moves that are performed to put a defender off-guard before attempting to drive past them and are executed by holding the Turbo button (Right Trigger on the Xbox 360, R2 on the Playstation 3) to "charge up" and prepare for a drive attempt. The longer the Turbo button is held, the greater a player's chances of executing an ankle-breaking move however there is a risk/reward factor as it also leaves the player open to getting the ball stripped by the defender. Additional Size-Up moves can be performed by moving the right stick.

Some players have signature Size-Up moves in addition to Signature Dribbling Styles and as with regular dribbling moves, there is noticeable differentiation between big and small players.