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NBA 2K20 Official Patches

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*Fixed an issue where some MyTEAM users were reporting their Collector Level progress was shown as being reset (visit the Collector Level menu to return to your proper level).
*Many, many more fixes included to improve the overall experience of NBA 2K20!
==== Additional Notes from Beluba ====
This information about gameplay adjustments in Patch 1.05 was [ Tweeted out] by Gameplay Director Mike Wang, aka Beluba.
*Successful coach challenges won't use a timeout
*Fix for baseline dunks that weren't triggering properly
*Adjust Pro Stick window for hop step gathers so left or right performs normal dunks/layups
*Fewer missed "full white" releases
*Buff Pick Dodger to match Brick Wall strength
*Fix Steve Nash sig dribble style yo-yo ball bug
*Widen the speed gap, especially to reduce the speeds of low-rated bigs
== NBA 2K20 Patch 1.04 ==

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