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NBA 2K20 Official Patches

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This is a '''list of official patches''' (also referred to as '''title updates''') that have been released for [[NBA 2K20]], along with their release notes. The most recent patch is 1.06.
== NBA 2K20 Patch 1.07 ==
=== Release Dates ===
*'''PC:''' TBA
*'''Playstation 4:''' October 21, 2019 (18.5 GB)
*'''Xbox One:''' October 21, 2019 (37.35 GB)
=== Patch Notes ===
*MyPLAYER Nation is the new season-long mode where gamers represent their MyPLAYER’s real-life team as part of a community with other players who also play for the same team. They will play through the NBA schedule, with individual matchup wins and losses determined by the overall community’s winning percentage. Along the way, you’ll earn double progression on all games played as well as other bonuses like the chance to unlock and purchase the exclusive Nike shoes.
=== General ===
*The latest uniform and shoe updated will now automatically update in your MyCAREER/MyLEAGUE/MyGM saves.
*Updated photos for players who did not have one/had one from their previous team.
=== Gameplay ===
*Reduced the frequency of shooters falling to the floor when shooting shots in traffic.
*Fixed an issue that was causing illegal screens to be called in in appropriate circumstances.
=== MyCAREER ===
*Setting your MyCOURT to ‘by permission only’ will now allow others in once permission has been granted.
*Users who reach the highest level shoe endorsements will no longer need to purchase their custom created On COURT shoes.
=== Neighborhood ===
*Entering the MyCOURT on a skateboard/bicycle/etc. will no longer restrict the user from immediately leaving the MyCOURT should they choose to do so.
=== MyTEAM ===
*New support for showing the current Player of the Month card on the MyTEAM Unlimited menu tile.
*Fixed an issue where the color of a card would not upgrade to the next tier in the Lineups menu when the card was paired with its Duo partner.
=== MyGM/MyLEAGUE ===
*The All-Star game should now properly appear on the schedule for the current season when starting a new Start Today mode.
*Users are now able to schedule practices in the frost season of a Start Today mode (fixes the case where players would experience declining ratings after the first season).
*Fixed an issue where some users were reporting game disconnects during timeouts of MyLEAGUE Online games.
*Addressed a case where some users reporting being unable to play with/against their friends in MyLEAGUE Online.
=== Other fixes ===
*Added fixes for MyPLAYER issues.
*Added networking connection fixes.
*Fixed blue screen errors on PS4.
*Fixed crashing issues.
*Added performance and stability improvements.
*Addressed stuttering and lag issues.
*Other minor under the hood fixes.
*Added fixes to improve the overall experience.
=== The following issues were fixed with the last update. ===
*Fixes incorrect MyPLAYERs loading when joining friends in The Neighborhood.
*Fixes users getting disconnected during timeouts in some online game modes.
*Fixes hanging when dismissing the phone in The Neighborhood.
== NBA 2K20 Patch 1.06 ==

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