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NBA 2K21

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* The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia versions, and the PC/Windows port, are Current Gen.
* The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are Next Gen.
Mike Wang confirmed in an interview that different studios are working on the Current Gen and Next Gen versions.
== Cross-Platform Progression & Upgrades ==
== Development & Features ==
NBA 2K21 will be a sim-oriented basketball video game, presumably retaining staple modes such as [[MyCAREER]], [[MyGM]], [[MyLEAGUE]], [[MyTEAM]], [[The Playground]], [[The Neighborhood]], and [[2K Pro-Am]], as well as gameplay elements such as the [[Pro Stick]], and additional content such as the historical and WNBA teams. The Next Gen and Current Gen versions will share staple modes and features, avoiding the stripped-down approach seen in [[NBA 2K14]] for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
The game was officially announced via a teaser trailer at a PlayStation 5 event on June 11th, 2020. The teaser featured Zion Williamson dribbling on an empty court before dunking the basketball, apparently demonstrating new sweat effects, lighting, and physics. A Tweet from the official NBA 2K Twitter account promised "next gen graphics", "next gen load times", and "next gen power" for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One releases.
As noted above, the Current Gen and Next Gen versions feature cross-platform progression for MyTEAM and a shared VC wallet in the same console family. MyCAREER progress will not carry over between platforms, however.
The game's [[NBA_2K_Soundtracks#NBA_2K21 | soundtrack]] was revealed on July 27th, 2020. The Current Gen version will feature 52 tracks at launch, including songs by cover player Damian Lillard. The Next Gen version is set to feature a soundtrack with over 200 songs at launch. Both versions will have new songs added post-release.
An interview conducted by Agent 00 for NBA 2KTV revealed some snippets about NBA 2K21. Mike Wang indicated a desire to balance realism and fun to make the game more enjoyable, citing canned turnovers on cherry-picking attempts as an example of something that wasn't fun that they intended to fix. Beluba also confirmed that movement will feel different on Current Gen and Next Gen, and that more is being done with the WNBA side of things. The interview also confirmed the return of Evolution cards in MyTEAM, with more control over how to evolve cards. MyTEAM Unlimited was also confirmed as returning, with "new ways to compete". The concept of playing for "championship rings" in MyTEAM was also hinted at.
== Cover Players ==
*[[NBA 2K]]
*[[NBA Live 21]]

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