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NLSC Podcast Episodes (2020)

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Would you pay $16,000 for a promotional copy of NBA 2K15? Someone on eBay is hoping that you will! We've spent considerably less on recent additions to our collections, which we were excited to pick up. Speaking of collectables, a few copies of Slam City with Scottie Pippen have also popped up on eBay, leading us to reflect on that somewhat forgotten game. Meanwhile, an influx of new gamers in NBA 2K20's online scene has further emphasised the need to implement proper ranking and matchmaking measures (and inspired another rant). We also discuss what it takes to change our gaming habits on the virtual hardwood, and how some of those habits were formed in the first place.
|July 26th, 2020
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|[ Episode #334: NBA 2K1 News & NBA Live Woes]
|Andrew & Dee4Three
With the Current Gen version of NBA 2K21 a little over a month away, we're anticipating the floodgates opening on the preview season. For now, we have news on this year's soundtrack, as well as a few tidbits about gameplay and MyTEAM. We break down what we know so far, including Mike Wang's interesting comments about making the game as enjoyable as possible. Given the recent sentiments in the community - as well as a few remarks from NBA players - it seems like the right idea! Elsewhere, now that we know there won't be an NBA Live 21, we once again discuss the future of the NBA Live series. Are we keeping our fingers crossed for next year? Also, we talk about when basketball games get cartoonish, and how that can be a welcome change of pace.
|August 2nd, 2020

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