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Story threads (encompassing Dynasty Stories, Association Stories and My Player Stories) are threads in the NLSC Forum that follow the action of a user's Dynasty, Association or My Player game. They generally include game recaps, statistics and screenshots that allow gamers to tell stories about their accomplishments and memorable moments in a manner that is usually similar to coverage of the real National Basketball Association. Story threads are often maintained not only for the entertainment of others, but also as a creative outlet and personal account of memorable gaming experiences. They also provide a means of asking for feedback and advice on tasks such as training and roster management.

All story threads are posted in the Dynasty & Association Stories section of the NLSC Forum.

Common aspects of Story Threads

Story threads generally contain a mixture of the following elements:

  • Game Recaps
  • Boxscores
  • Player & Team Statistics
  • Season Standings & Playoff Matchups
  • Screenshots
  • Diaries/Blogs
  • Recaps and coverage of annual events (such as the Draft and All-Star Weekend)
  • Fictional Feature Articles
  • Fictional Magazine Covers

A thread need not include all of these features to be popular or successful. While some people have indicated they prefer threads that use a lot of screenshots, others have stated a preference in threads that place more emphasis on detailed recaps and creative writing.

Community Content

Another approach to story threads has been to include members from the community as players in the league, often replacing generated rookies. This concept usually provides a new challenge to the person playing the Dynasty while attracting interest from community members who are keen to see how their virtual counterparts will perform.