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The following is a list of team abbreviations used in NBA Live.

Abbreviation	Name
3pdy		3pt Contest
adid		adidas
as3p		All-Stars 3pt Contest
asdy		All-Stars Dunk Contest
alls		All-Stars Game Court - also used for the freestyle challenges
as50		All-Stars 50s
as60		All-Stars 60s
as70		All-Stars 70s
as80		All-Stars 80s
as90		All-Stars 90s
aseu		European All-Stars
asin		Internationsl All-Stars
asne		All-Stars East
asnw		All-Stars West
atla		Atlanta
bost		Boston
chic		Chicago
clev		Clevland
dall		Dallas
denv		Denver
detr		Detroit
dk3p		3pt Contest
dkdy		Dunk Contest
dunk		Dunk Contest (this shows up in All-Star Weekend Mode)
easp		EA Arena
gold		Golden State
hous		Houston
indi		Indiana
lacl		LA Clippers
lala		LA Lakers
memp		Memphis
miam		Miami
milw		Milwaukee
minn		Minnesota
mlod		EA's medium/low environment stadium
newj		New Jersey
newo		New Orleans
newy		New York
orla		Orlando
pgym		Live 06 practice gym
phil		Philadelphia
phoe		Phoenix
port		Portland
prac		Live 07 practice gym/1v1 (also 2005's abbrev for the practice gym)
rebk		RBK arena (06)
reeb		RBK arena (06)
rote		Rookie Team
sacr		Sacremento
sana		San Antonio
seat		Seattle
sote		Sophmore Team
toro		Toronto
urba		Live 2005 and 06 Urban 1v1 court
utah		Utah
wash		Washington

JaoSming's Abbreviations

Abbreviations used by JaoSming:

jaoa		ESPN Practice Facility
jaob		Rec Center
jaoc		2003 Practice Court
jaod		Industrial Court
jaoe		Urban Nighttime
jaof		Tandy Recreation Center