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Follow No One. Be The One.

The One (stylised as THE ONE) is a single player career mode that is set to debut in NBA Live 18. It encompasses both an NBA and streetball experience, and also includes the Drew League.


A single player career mode in the vein of MyCAREER and Rising Star, The One is intended to change the way people play NBA Live. Users create a player and customise their appearance, including their gear, shoes, and tattoos. It has been described as a dynamic experience, with gamers being able to choose their own path, rather than playing through a story-driven career mode. Gameplay is comprised of both the traditional NBA career where players can earn championships and honours in the league, and streetball games where they can earn respect. The choices the user makes will ultimately define their player's virtual legacy. Players can also take part in the Drew League, in order to hone their skills.

Player Abilities[edit]

Throughout the course of The One, users will be able to develop their player according to the Playstyle they have chosen. Players will also have signature abilities and skills, as well as different Traits that give them an edge over the competition, and establish their identity on the court.

LIVE Events[edit]

The One will feature real-time, uniquely crafted LIVE Events throughout the 2018 season, which will offer a variety of challenges and rewards. There will be Solo, Co-Op, and Multiplayer events.

NBA Live 18 Demo[edit]

The One will be available to play in the NBA Live 18 demo. Any progress made in the demo will be carried over to the full version.