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Jon's Tattoo

Jon Smith has been a contributing team member for the NLSC since the Fall of 2006 and has been actively patching the NBA Live series since the Summer of 2005 and the NBA 2K games since 2K9. He goes by his high school nickname of JaoSming on the NLSC Forum and website and worked on both the SUM 07 and NBA Street 07 modifications. He is also an assistant administrator in the NLSC Forum.


Beginning patching right before the release of NBA Live 06, Jon created only one released patch for NBA Live 2005, a patch that changed the appearance of the all-star court and allowed all of the NBA teams to partake in the All-Star Game. Although this patch took no real skill, it was completely original; something that he has taken pride in with all of his work.

Once NBA Live 06 was released Jon began releasing more patches. At first it was only recolors of the Urban court, but eventually he started creating completely new courts with the EBO Editor. After he created enough courts he released a modified version of Andrew's Roster Update that allowed users to play on his courts without affecting the normal NBA Arenas. Now Jon is not just limited to court patches but also has knowledge of how to create jerseys, lighting updates, aiact.viv modifications and even camera views.

Since his Street 07 modification, Jon hasn't done much with patching. Instead spending more time researching different files and exploits that allow custom body types, player specific jerseys, and even warmup jerseys on the bench.

For the NBA 2K PC series, Jon has furthered his knowledge of PC basketball games to the 2K games. By helping in the development of the REDitor roster editor and hex editing the Xbox 360 rosters, Jon is continuing to live up to his role as a resident Guru on the forums.

NBA Street 06 & 07[edit]

NBA Street 07

After making a name for himself with his court patches, Jon was contacted by a couple other members of the community to try and create a Total Conversion Modification for NBA Live 06, turning it into a Street game. Although his courts were used in the mod, Jon did not participate much in the rest of it. For NBA Live 07 however, he took the entire workload onto his shoulders and created it by himself with the guidance of other team members. Using courts he made from last year and new courts made specifically for this mod, as well as 60 new jerseys and new animations through the AIACT, Jon created an instant must-download racking up 20,000+ downloads within less than a month.

Currently NBA Street 07 stands at 44,000+ downloads with about 50 people downloading it each week even though the mod is now 2 years old.

NCAA 2K10 & 2K11[edit]


Having a strong background in manipulating the roster and art files for the 2K series, Jon and many other forum members created NCAA mods for both NBA 2K10 and NBA 2K11 on the PC. The NCAA 2K11 mod has been met with much success and has included the work of at least a dozen different forum members. The mod even received an article on the gaming news website Kotaku after its initial release.


Jon is from a small town in Western Massachusetts and graduated from Vermont Technical College in 2006. He played varsity basketball in all three years he was in a public high school and again for the Division II VTC Knights. Although his only basketball championship came in a Summer League, the Vermont Tech Knights made the USCAA National Tournament both years Jon was on the team. Jon was married by his siblings in the middle of May 2011 and got his first tattoo comprised of his nickname and the then current logo of The NLSC during his honeymoon. In March 2012 his wife gave birth to their first child.