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NBA Live 96 Editor
The NBA Live 96 Editor, also called WNBAED, is a Windows-based utility that allows users to edit NBA Live 96 data. Created by Tim Tschirner, the final released version is v4.5. It has similar functions to WiNBA-Ed for NBA Live 95, however it does not offer the ability to edit text strings. It can however modify data in both the NBA Live 96 executable and a saved roster.dat file, offering the ability to make trades outside the game and reorder rosters as well as edit original players and modify normally inaccessible data for created players. Users can also easily assign new players to the All-Star teams and create/apply executable patches using the editor.

Key Features[edit]

  • Edit existing player data including ratings, bio data, stats, appearance and roster position
  • Edit created players to modify normally inaccessible attributes
  • Trade players and reorder rosters
  • Edit All-Star rosters
  • Edit the Season Mode schedule
  • Create and apply executable patch files


  • Text strings cannot be modified; a hex editor must be used to edit the NBA96.exe file directly
  • Players cannot be made taller than 7'7"
  • Players cannot be made heavier than 303 pounds


Because of its ease of use, the NBA Live 96 Editor was used extensively in the creation of roster patches for NBA Live 96. However, due to limitations on player height and weight editing, Dave Zolnier's NBA Live 96 Player Editor was a handy companion for NBA Live 96 roster patchers.