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WiNBA-Ed Screenshot
WiNBA-Ed is a Windows-based editor for NBA Live 95 which allows users to modify roster data, created by Brien Smith. The final released version is v3.03 and may still be used in Windows XP. WiNBA-Ed modifies the NBA Live 95 executable file directly when editing player data and hence can also be used to modify the default text strings in the game. It is through this method that users can assign new player names, nicknames, schools and other bio data. The editor also allows users to change player ratings, height, weight, projected statistics (a forerunner to DSTATS) and previous season statistics. Import and export functions are also included, allowing stats and attributes to be imported from or dumped to text files as desired. A Make/Apply patch feature allows the modified executable data to be saved to a file for other users to import, or import a ready-made patch file with modified executable data.

Because it is a 16-bit program, WiNBA-Ed cannot be run in a 64-bit version of Windows.

Key Features[edit]

  • Edit existing player data including ratings, bio data, stats, appearance and roster position
  • Edit names to create new players
  • Trade and Copy players between teams
  • Edit All-Star rosters
  • Import Player Statistics from a text file
  • Import Player Attributes from a text file
  • Edit text strings in the NBA Live 95 executable including player names, schools, credits, error messages, team names and more
  • Edit the Season Mode schedule
  • Create and apply executable patch files


  • New players cannot be added to the game; existing ones may only be replaced
  • Because existing text strings must be overwritten, any important strings (ie ones that will still be used) must be left untouched
  • Players cannot be made taller than 8 feet
  • Players cannot be made heavier than 355 pounds


WiNBA-Ed was used extensively along with Jose de Leon's DOS-based NBA Live 95 Game Editor to create roster patches for NBA Live 95. It was an extremely popular tool in the early days of the NLSC when NBA Live 95 was still popular and widely played by fans of the series.