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We’ve added a new section to our Forum, the NLSC Hub. This section is similar to the old NLSC & Community Noticeboard in that we’ll be posting site announcements there, inviting community announcements (such as league news and vacancies) and using it for discussion of site related issues such as questions about site features and any technical problems that you may encounter.

However, we’ll also be using this new section for discussion of our new Podcast. Individual threads have now been set up for the four episodes that have already been released and a new thread will be created upon the release of each new episode from now on. You can also use the section to discuss our other content such as the NLSC Wiki, the Soapbox initiative and more. We’re hoping that the new section will provide you all with a means of talking about the podcast and helping us to develop new and better content, as well as resolving any issues you’re having. Find out more about the NLSC Hub here.

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