New Version of NBA Playgrounds Coming to Nintendo Switch

A game of NBA Playgrounds

It’s fair to say that so far, NBA Playgrounds has had a troubled launched on the Nintendo Switch. Saber Interactive have encountered a lot of technical difficulties in trying to push through updates, resulting in the Switch version falling behind the other platforms in terms of content and fixes. In order to rectify the issue, Saber will be releasing a new version of the game:

A new version of NBA Playgrounds on the Switch is heading to certification within a week – the team has been working hard on this radical solution to include all the free updates the other platforms received, so that all Switch players can receive those free updates.

We’re sorry it took this long, we haven’t forgotten about you, but making additions to the game was more complicated than we thought. We aren’t giving up, and will share more news on this including details as soon as we have it!

This is obviously good news for Nintendo Switch users, who have understandably been frustrated at the lack of updates compared to the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions of NBA Playgrounds. Hopefully, if there are any further content updates for NBA Playgrounds, this new version will allow the Switch to receive them at the same time as the other platforms. The previously released Hot n’ Frosty DLC will also be made available for the Switch version in the Nintendo eShop.

A reminder that if you’d like to discuss NBA Playgrounds in the NLSC Forum, we’ve got a topic here in the Other Basketball Games section. While a few community members previously expressed interest in modding the PC version of the game, unfortunately it seems that those plans have fallen through. Nevertheless, if you’ve got any resources or information to share in that regard, by all means feel free to post in the aforementioned Forum topic.

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