New Poll: What Is Your Opinion Of NBA 2K14 So Far?

It’s been a while since we added a new poll, so I’m remedying that today by asking an obvious question: “What is your opinion of NBA 2K14 so far?” Cast your vote now and don’t forget to give us your impressions so that we can read some of them out during this week’s NLSC Podcast. If you have any other questions or comments for this week’s listener mailbag segment, be sure to send them in as well and as always, feel free to join in the discussion of NBA 2K14 here in the Forum.

Our last poll asked “How do you rate the 2012/2013 NBA season?” It seems that a majority of fans did enjoy last season as 36% rated it as excellent, while a further 33% rated it as being good. 17% of voters weren’t all that impressed deeming the 2013 season just alright, “not great” garnered 7% of the vote and a further 7% didn’t enjoy it at all, opining that it was terrible. As we find ourselves a couple of weeks out from a new season, don’t forget that you can discuss the real NBA (as well as other professional and amateur basketball leagues) in the NBA & Basketball Talk section of the Forum.

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October 15, 2013 9:56 pm

NBA 2K14 is the most realistic NBA game to date and with the new passing and advanced control of the players, it has a much smoother and more realistic gameplay. However, it seems like every year, 2K puts minimal effort into improving there games as a whole. I mean the MyCareer is exactly the same, the Path to Greatness mode is very bland and boring in my opinion and there isn’t enough in this this game to make me say its worth an extra $60. The Blocking system is now excessive with many players averaging insane numbers (Tyson Chandler, Year 1 Association, 3.2 BPG) and same with the steals. With no competition in sight for 2K over the past couple years the improvements have fell which is why I hope NBA Live 14 really takes off. Do I think it will overtake 2K? No. But it will atleast ignite a little fire under 2K to really start pumping out new and innovate ideas to make the 2K series even better.

-Better Passing Controls
-Better Blocking Controls and Animations
-Better Dribble Moves and Control.
-Dunk Contest and 3PT Contest now on PC
-Crew Mode is back

-Blocking is excessive
-Path to Greatness mode fails to make up for other lacking game modes
-No change in MyCareer
-No Creating a Legend Mode

October 15, 2013 10:09 pm


October 16, 2013 3:06 am

Haven’t got the game and still haven’t played it.
Saw a lots of vids in youtube…asked several questions in 2k official forums and here….got no answers….so i’m not buying anything until I have more info like:

– replay bugs.
– 2 x 1 draft pick in MyCareer: the team that drafts you gets you and the player they originally would have picked (i.e. last year Bulls pick 30: me & Teague is also on the roster)
– Playvision didn’t work on My Career mode. Had to use Leftos workaround tool for it to show, of freeze the values with Cheat Engine.
– Signing a contract extention in My Career causes the game to crash/freeze.
– Twitter bug: after going over 1 millon followers your tweets were blank, they would return randomly, but then dissapear again randomly.
– Weird positions in game: CPU will asign you as C or PF when you are a guard, even while having back ups PF or Cs available.
– All Star voting bug: you were a sub even if you were the most voted player.
– Finals home court bug: lower seeded team had always home court advantage.
– No injuries from year 2 onwards.
– New rookies generated with minimum stats.

No one has actually answered to any of those questions.

The Worm 91
The Worm 91
October 16, 2013 4:58 pm

its just 2k13 w/ a few tweaks really..

the bugs are still there..
-i was drafted #2 and they also got Oladipo! 2 players in 1 draft!

-the new blocking system was great but its too much..I play PG and i average 3 blks in my first 10 games

-I think flashy passing is unnecessary..because it results to turnovers and cant really use it always in the game

-they change the attribute caps of the players in MYCAREER..I play PG and…
they put a cap of 95 on post moves while my passing and ball security is only 92..DAFUQ was that?? PGs are suppose to hold the ball and distribute not to work on the post and score..(well thats 2k logic for you)

-also they merge the shooting and the dribble moves so it fucks everything there..2k13 has better controls..they should just leave it that way..and fix the other MORE important things

-LBJ path to greatness was boring.. The Jordan Challenge of 2k11 and NBA’s Greatest Mode of 2k12 are wayyy better

annnd many other recurring and new bugs.. 2k14 may be the most realistic game but 2k11,2k12 and 2k13 are wayy better 😀

October 17, 2013 5:57 pm

I’ll stick with 2K11 because that is still unbeatable in every aspect! 😉