New Version of Hoop Universe Now Available

Hoop Universe Preview

It’s been a few months since the initial release, but NLSC Forum member¬†Dr B has released a new version of his prototype basketball game, Hoop Universe. As previously mentioned, Hoop Universe utilises a retro aesthetic and style of gameplay, similar to Double Dribble and early NBA Live games. Key features of the latest release are as follows:

  • Added dribbling and crossover animations.
  • Added athletic stance/squat animations (currently cannot move from squat but this will be used for shuffling, step backs, etc.)
  • Added player indicator and name to player’s shadow.
  • Added indicator to nearest player (will be used for various offensive off-ball controls)
  • Added more detailed hoops to practice screen in horizontal and vertical camera angles.
  • Added teammates to practice scene.
  • Added layering system to allow for a 3D effect.
  • Added gamepad support.
  • KNOWN BUG: Game Crashes if attempting to change leagues at player select screen.

The game is available free in our Downloads section; pick up the Windows version here, and the Mac version here! Dr B is currently adding new animations to the game, and is working on a free throw shooting system. Feedback is most welcome in this topic in the NLSC Forum, where you’ll also find further information, previews, and support for the project.

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