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NLSC Forum Story Thread Interviews: Sit

We certainly love our basketball games here at the NLSC, so when it comes to modes like Dynasty, Association, and MyCAREER, some of us like to share the experience with our fellow gamers. In the Basketball Video Game Stories section of the NLSC Forum, several gamers maintain story threads chronicling their adventures and achievements in the virtual NBA. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be running a series of interviews with some of our most prominent storytellers, to get an insight into their experiences and discover why they enjoy maintaining story threads.

In this sixth installment of our series of Story Thread Interviews, we’re talking to Sit, a longtime NLSC Forum member who has multiple threads inducted in both the Dynasty and Association Hall of Fame. Check out what he has to say about his experiences playing the games and maintaining his story threads, his advice for anyone looking to start a thread of their own, and some of the other storytellers that he enjoys following.

For those who haven’t checked them out yet – and for those who have followed them, for that matter – please tell us a little about your story thread(s).

I have had a number of story threads with my most notable being my “A Legend Is Born” series.

A Legend Is Born was my first attempt at putting a storyline together with a Dynasty Story. This was in the NBA Live days and my next stories after that (if I recall correctly) were NBA 2K Associations and subsequently became my two biggest: A Legend Is Born II and A Legend Is Born III. The latter two had little relation to the first one except for some similar “characters” and of course, the title.

My most successful Threads have been where I have tried to mesh in a Story with the “reporting” of the occurring events in the Dynasty/Association game file. This was my way of attempting to let out some of my (not very)-creative energy and to share a story for my readers.

The Sacramento Kings in Sit's Story Thread

What motivated you to begin and maintain a story thread?

My motivation? I am a basketball geek.

I joined the NLSC Forum in 2001 and my first notable Dynasty Story must have been my Lakers one. I remember reading everyone else’s Story threads with Mafia’s Sixers Dynasty being one of my favourites at the time. I suppose his and the other stories running at the time motivated me to try to run one on my own as well.

The Lakers going poorly in real life most likely also had an impact on my decision to start a story. I wanted to believe in an alternate reality and that was fulfilled as I ended up winning a title with those Lakers. In answering this interview, I was able to reminisce through parts of that thread and find it quite coincidental:

  1. The Lakers beating the Celtics for Kobe to win another title,
  2. The Lakers having Kwame Brown and Ron Artest on the team before it happened in real life,
  3. The game mimicking real life when Robert Horry saved the Spurs and forced OT (this was around the time when he did it in real life in the NBA Finals), and…
  4. Kwame Brown was an All-Star centre (oh wait…).
What drew you to the mode you chose to play?

Dynasty/Association game modes are perfect for fans who love speculating about how a team may grow and how players may develop over time. These types of modes add longevity to the game and also to the experience.

Also, everyone dreams of playing in the NBA when they are young. Then when you know that you will never get to the NBA, the next best thing becomes dreaming of running your own team. Dynasty/Association mode allows you to do that!

Has maintaining a story thread enhanced your enjoyment of the games? If so, how?

Maintaining a story thread helped me to enjoy the game because I was living in my own alternate reality every time I booted up my game and then went to report on it in my thread. There was a genuine excitement when playing those games and managing the team.

Reshawn Tyson in Sit's Story Thread

How did you decide on the style that you use for your story thread?

I suppose my style was creating a story for my readers to follow as well as trying to put together ‘journalistic’ pieces. I have always liked to write and I thought that adding a storyline to my threads was an innovative way to present a Story.

My longer “feature” pieces were some of my favourite posts in my threads:

The Tragic Tale of Tyson
Kidd: Second greatest PG of all time?
Jay Gray: Best since Alcindor?
Kevin Durant article (NB: Virtual KD was opposite to real life KD)
Donnell Lawrence: Sometimes You can only work with what you got
Boobie Gibson: I want revenge
Seattle proving to be worthy contenders
Seattle Win Streak: How far can they go?
Moses Chara injured
Seattle Championship

What’s your favourite part of running a story thread?

My favourite part was the idea that at least one other person was reading my work. To be able to have encouragement, interest, and feedback was a very big positive factor in motivating me to continue writing my Story. The idea that everyone was sharing in my “alternate reality” was and is still such a cool feeling.

During A Legend Is Born III, many of my fellow Dynasty Heads contributed to the Story thread. It was great that my thread had become a hub in its own right. It was also great to see so many of them write in my story when they could have been doing their own.

I thought I would provide links to their articles as a kudos to them:

Lamrock: 12,3
Dare: 123
Martti: 1
Valor: 12
NewC: 1
Rise: 1
Houndy: 12345
Hova: 1234
Thierry: 1
Homicide: 1
The X: 123
Mandich: 1
George7: 1234
Shadowgrin: 1

What’s your least favourite part of running a story thread?

Two things. One: as many others have noted, it’s the time that it takes to keep running a Story thread. Two: the “jump the shark” moment when you didn’t have the time to continue the Story thread. A few of my threads died a slow, painful, but natural death because I did not have time to continue running it.

The Oklahoma City Thunder in Sit's Story Thread

Tell us about some of your favourite moments from your story thread(s).

The 2013 Western Conference Finals in A Legend Is Born III was probably my favourite playoff series in all of my stories.

Game 1 Recap
Game 2 Recap
Game 3 Recap
Game 4 Recap
Game 5 Recap
Game 6 Recap
Game 7 Recap
Chapter for Game 7

Some of my other favourite moments:

Kidd: 25 assists at 40 years old
Kidd signing contract until age 45
New Logo competition/voting
Seattle player expelled for drugs
3500 posts, 30000 views
KD and Ty – better than MJ and Pip?
LBJ never got a break in the virtual world
Bogut: 36 points, Kidd: 26 assists in one game
100 pages
NBA Title

Which other story threads do you enjoy reading?

Mafia, The X, Lamrock, Hova, Martti, Valor, Mark, Thierry and others. There are many different ones and I cannot remember off the top of my head.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own story thread?

My only advice would be to just have fun.

Thanks again to Sit for taking part in this series of storyteller profiles! Be sure to check out his current story thread featuring the New York Knicks, as well as his threads in the Dynasty and Association Hall of Fame. Stay tuned for a new Story Thread Interview, coming next week!

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