NLSC Podcast #365: Time To Get Creative

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Episode #365 of the NLSC Podcast is out now! Derek (aka Dee4Three) and I are your hosts for this weekly podcast that’s all about basketball gaming.

Deep Create-a-Player features are a must, and it’s tough not to get wistful when we see them in other sports titles. Some of the features in MLB The Show give us ideas for what we’d like to see in NBA Live and NBA 2K’s creation tools. The pain of losing functionality when servers are shut down leads us to discuss the possibility of a subscription model for basketball games. In the news this week, Ultimate Rivals: The Court has been announced. We’re intrigued, and looking forward to an NBA Jam-like game with Tim Kitzrow on the call. Time with The W also has us nostalgic for an era when microtransactions weren’t everything. In the mailbag this week, we answer a question about the necessary focus in order for NBA Live to make a triumphant return, and Frankenstein our ideal game, picking and choosing elements from a number of existing basketball titles.

Join in the conversation in the comments below, or here in the Forum! Additionally, feel free to hit us up with any feedback on the episode, as well as mailbag questions and topic suggestions for future shows. For more information on the NLSC Podcast including episode guides, check out this page in our Wiki. The show also comes out on our YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe for future episodes and other video content.

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March 10, 2021 3:59 am

Nice, Andrew, you recalled 2K17 with 500 games with your crew. 🙂 These times I eagerly listened to your podcast (now I’m subscribed to so many of them because English is not a barrier for me for long plus the podcast scene has proliferated, while in 2011–2012 there were less podcasts to choose from, that I don’t have time for a solid chunk of them, running in circles to get them all caves me in). Your co-hosts Kenny and Arkane popped out to share online session stories. We had hopes for an NBA Live big return (NLVC talked on that a lot). I had hopes. These times I hiked a lot, headphones on, now these locations in my city are pretty “developed” with lots of houses and cars that make a noise, so you can’t relax in the silence – always look around to not be hit by a vehicle. Plus COVID and protests/repression.

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