NLSC Podcast #522: Is PC Gaming Worth It In 2024?

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From courtside of the virtual hardwood, it’s Episode #522 of the NLSC Podcast!

Obviously we’re big fans of and advocates for PC gaming, but are the benefits worth the drawbacks and potential expense in 2024? You can probably guess our short answer to that question, but nevertheless, this week we join the community in discussing the pros and cons of PC gaming – basketball and otherwise – while also recommending price ranges for anyone in the market for a new rig. We also share our expectations as far as NBA 2K25 coming out on PC and possibly being a port of the PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X version, talk about Steam sales and other bargain hunting, and preview some roster projects for NBA 2K6 on Xbox 360 while once again encouraging minimalist modding on all platforms.

To get involved with the mailbag or to provide any feedback on the show, hit us up in the comments, reach out on social media, or post here in the NLSC Forum! For more information on the NLSC Podcast including episode guides, check out this page in our Wiki. You can also find the show on our YouTube channel, along with the rest of our video content. As always, thanks for tuning in, and go get buckets!

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April 5, 2024 4:52 am

PC gaming is deffo worth it, especially with mods.
And that goes for all sorts of games i play on pc, Fallout/Skyrim/retro PES games and of course Nba 2k.

Dont consider myself as a PC gamer first, been on 360/XB1/XBS since 2011 and consider that my go to platform.
Still, i think i mentioned once that my 2k17 plays better on pc than xbox on, i know its identical between them, but the PC version looks a little bit crispier, and maybe is more stable 60 fps?
Who knows, i love both versions.
No clue what rig i have, it was given to me by a friend when he bought a new one, but i can play 2k15-16-17-19 on high settings and most other newer games on high/medium.
Just need a 360 now to play NBA Live titles, or maybe set my XBOX Series S in dev mode to sort out emu gaming.
Good episode guys

April 6, 2024 4:45 am
Reply to  Andrew

Ive had two 360s, still got one at my ex gfs apt, but i can get one used for 30-50 euros i guess.
Lovely console.
Just saw that you wrote a piece on 2k17, deffo reading it, and yes (with 16) the goat game for me.