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This past week delivered a little bit of everything: new NBA Live 16 screenshots, confirmed details on NBA 2K16, leaked details on NBA 2K16, and a couple of noteworthy NBA tidbits. Join Arcane and I as we give our thoughts on it all in Episode #124 of the NLSC Podcast!

  • We open with a reminder about our upcoming NBA Live 16 development team interviews. Get your questions in ASAP!
  • NBA Live 16 has also been on display at a Jordan Brand event, and EA Sports are inviting gamers in the Orlando area to join in some playtesting sessions.
  • We have our first official details on MyTEAM in NBA 2K16. The game’s soundtrack has also been released on Spotify.
  • Details on game modes have also been leaked. We comment on the latest leaks and rumours, as it appears that where there’s smoke, there is indeed fire.
  • We reflect on the differences in the previews for NBA Live 16 and NBA 2K16 so far.
  • Ultimate Team in NBA Live 15 has been celebrating Christmas in July, and delivered one of us a nice present.
  • Will LeBron James star in Space Jam 2? It’s likely just speculation and joking around, but…should he?
  • Baron Davis is talking about a comeback attempt, while Stephen Jackson is calling it a day.
  • In free agency news, Seth Curry gets his big break, while Richard Jefferson changes his mind…somewhat less controversially than DeAndre Jordan.
  • The Indiana Pacers will wear jerseys celebrating the 30th anniversary of Hoosiers.

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July 30, 2015 10:58 pm

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