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NLSC Podcast Episode #155 Mailbag Call

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We’ll be recording Episode #155 of the NLSC Podcast a little later on in the week, so this is a reminder to send in any and all topic suggestions or mailbag questions as soon as possible. The 2016 NBA Playoffs will certainly give us a few things to talk about this week, but there’s definitely room on the docket for some more topics, especially ones related to basketball gaming.

Having said that…what are you interested in hearing us talk about this week? As always, while we will consider any and all submissions, we do ask that you keep your suggestions along the lines of our core content – NBA Live, NBA 2K, and basketball gaming – as well as the real NBA, and community-related topics such as modding and site history. We figure that you’re not here for Fallout 4 coverage, even though I’m prone to mentioning it from time to time on the show!

Got a topic in mind? Then let us know in the comments section below, or in this thread in the NLSC Forum. You can also send us any submissions via our Facebook and Twitter. As always, we invite you to connect with us there if you haven’t already done so.

As I do every week, I’d like to send out a thank you to everyone who continues to send us topic suggestions and tune in to each episode. We’re glad to know that you’re listening, and seemingly enjoying the shows more often than not! If you haven’t caught Episode #154 of the NLSC Podcast yet, be sure to tune in here. Don’t forget that in addition to listening to the Podcast here on the NLSC each week, you can also find us on iTunes and Stitcher. If you like what you hear, please feel free to leave us a favourable rating and review!

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Izzy Snow
Izzy Snow

I feel like it’s that time of the year where basketball videogame related news/topics sort of slow down. I’ve been listening to your podcast but I haven’t played much Live or 2K lately to have any good topics for suggestions. Have you given any thought about branching out and talk about other things besides basketball? Most of us in here are gamers whether hardcore or casual and I think it would be cool to discuss other videogames. Just a thought.


Well clearly we need to talk about Kenny’s very Bold Predictions regarding Anthony Bennett playing in OZ next year and ask the questions of what government pull does Kenny have? And is Kenny the smoking gut from the X-Files??