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NLSC Podcast – Episode #22

Are we excited that the Heat are still winning? Is Andrew Bynum still injured? Is it okay to make inappropriate jokes at inappropriate times? What’s the meaning of life anyway? Some of those questions are answered in Episode #22 of the NLSC Podcast, featuring your favorite trio of Leftos, Ben and myself! Join us as we discuss this week’s topics:

  • There was some controversy at the end of the overtime clash between the Bulls and Nuggets. We discuss the trend of blaming officials and the instant replay rules.
  • The Heat narrowly escaped Cleveland with their winning streak intact at 24, already the second best in league history. We give our thoughts and as usual, ill-fated predictions.
  • The injuries to former teammates Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum are discussed. Is Kobe rushing back? Is anyone going to give Bynum a max contract?
  • We wrap up the NBA discussion with the latest chapter in the Royce White saga and LeBron James’ “Knighting” of Jason Terry.
  • Leftos brings up an incident at PyCon, leading us to talk about inappropriate behaviour and the appropriate way to deal with it.
  • As the discussion moves to basketball video games, we briefly touch upon what is “sim” and what constitutes “realism”.
  • Are we PC users jealous of features that are console exclusive?
  • We speculate a little more about next gen basketball games and reflect on whether NBA Live and NBA 2K met their CGI benchmarks from 2005.

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If you’ve got any thoughts on the show or any of the topics we discussed, please feel free to have your say in the comments below or in this thread in the Forum.

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I wasn’t able to watch that game, but judging from the responses I’ve seen it must’ve been controversial. Oh, and I’m too lazy to listen to the full podcast. 🙂


I have both PC and Console versions of 2k11 & 12 and the console versions sit on my shelf collecting dust. I didn’t have a pc that could handle 2k until the end of 2k11’s run so I don’t regret buying the console version of 11 but if I had to do it over again I would never have bought 2k12 for PS3. The console features versus PC mods is like Gary Coleman vs. Shaq 1 on 1.


It’s disappointing to be on the PC and not get all the extras. but it is better than not having a game at all.

EA lost me as a customer by not producing the NBA Live series on the PC through the years and providing no information about when or what was coming out.

Even if the PC version of a game nets only $1 in total profit, the brand loyalty you create, usually to the most ardent fans, is worth it when moving forward with other games.


Oh and this whole Royce White thing. I live in Houston now (its an awful place, I can’t wait to move back to Indianapolis or somewhere in Ohio soon!).

Royce White gets no coverage. I just got back from the Pacers and Rockets game today and the fans have already written him off.

Reading articles (one on Grantland) said that the guy only shoots baskets once a week. To me it is clear that the dude just doesn’t like basketball and whatever his intentions are with the mental health issue, his talent won’t overcome. I wish he would just quit basketball and be a mental health advocate. Its sad he is taking up a roster spot someone else with a passion for basketball could have.

Great show. Thanks for doing these.