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Episode #228 of the NLSC Podcast is out now! Arcane and I are back on the air after some more technical difficulties last week, but with any luck, we shouldn’t have any similar interruptions moving forward. In the meantime, join us as we catch up on the past couple of weeks in NBA Live 18 and NBA 2K18 news, and share our latest basketball gaming experiences.

On this week’s show…

  • The release of Star Wars: Battlefront II has led to some crossover content in NBA Live 18. It’s not to everyone’s taste, but some of the gear is pretty cool.
  • We now know what LIVESTRIKE entails. A series of Live Events will be available for a short period of time, providing premium content drops featuring exclusive gear.
  • It seems that we’ll be getting more than just gear, as EA Sports has also teased some other new content for NBA Live 18. Will it be a 3v3 mode, as currently rumoured?
  • Roster updates seem to have taken a back seat in NBA Live 18, which is less than ideal given the lack of roster editing.
  • Patch 1.05 is out now for the PC and Xbox One versions of NBA 2K18. We also wonder whether a hotfix has come through, resolving lock-up issues in The Neighborhood.
  • Revenue from microtransactions has increased 57% in NBA 2K18. The question is, are gamers spending the money because they support the business model, or simply out of necessity?
  • NBA 2K18 has been nominated for a Sports Game of the Year award. Would it be our pick?
  • Our Week in Basketball Gaming has included some very satisfying wins in 2K Pro-Am, a lot of progress in MyCAREER, and Live Events in NBA Live 18.
  • We wrap up Episode #228 of the NLSC Podcast with some NBA discussion. Apologies in advance to Boston Celtics fans for jinxing the team.

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November 20, 2017 7:19 am


November 21, 2017 10:14 pm

Iam in the group that says how about putting the nba back in “nba live” and 2k for that matter, 2k myleague I don’t have many issues with but there recurring gameplay issues out me off playing the game.

I feel like there making both games into a Grand theft auto type of living world game that really gets away from nba side of things and it does bug me that there adding accessories and new online content while ignoring the nba part of the game,nba live more so especially as they want feedback and I’d say the biggest thing asked for since 2014 but we are still yet to receive it or have any reason why it’s still not in the game.

That being said there no even look after us with there own roster updates with a major trade, missing roster players etc and it’s being weeks, I saw someone on OS say that that Erika was back doing the updates and someone mentioned that she hadn’t being well(hope she’s OK) but if this was the case surly a huge company like EA doesn’t just have one person working on that?