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NLSC Podcast – Episode #23

We’re bringing you the latest in community news, NBA discussion and assorted video game ramblings in Episode #23 of the NLSC Podcast! Join Leftos, Ben and myself for another episode in which we give our thoughts on the latest news and results from around the NBA, spotlight some developments in our modding community and chat about one of our favourite pastimes. On the docket this week:

  • We talk a little about YouTube’s copyright policies and how companies are missing out on some opportunities for free publicity.
  • The Heat just keep on winning. When will the streak end? Who can possibly end it?
  • The Lakers find themselves struggling once again, possibly leaving the door open for the Mavericks and Jazz.
  • George Karl believes there should be a major change to Playoff seedings. Do we agree?
  • Moving on to community news, REDitor is getting closer to release, which should mean even more great mods.
  • The rosters for NBA Live 2005-08 are also close to being released. I take a moment to recognise the efforts and support of the community in getting them done.
  • We finish up with some discussion of the latest next gen console news.

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As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on this week’s show and your thoughts on the topics that we discussed, either in the comments below or here in the Forum.

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Ultimately those free throws will be crucial for the win for either team, and I’ll tell you right now that 3 to 12 at the half is not favorable.


I’m glad to see Boozer crashing the boards though, I hope the bulls win – but I’m not so sure they can hang on.


Leftos Chicago is a great city. Not so much a tourism city but living there was awesome for me.

Also about the Pacers being 2nd in the East. They are doing it with what used to be their best player hurt. With Danny Granger missing this really makes the matchup with the Heat less than desirable.

Indiana’s starters can play with Miami’s starters (in fact due to their size and matchups I believe they could win against the Heat starters) but once George Hill goes out and DJ Augustin is running the point Miami will gain ground. Indiana probably isn’t deep enough to beat the Heat this year. But they matchup very well against them because they can guard the stars and they play them physical as the Bulls just did.