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Episode #241 of the NLSC Podcast is out now! Join Arcane and I as we talk about the perils of clickbait content with NBA Live 19 and NBA 2K19, recap another week of basketball gaming, and catch up on the latest NBA news, including Aussies who are having an impact.

On this week’s show…

  • It seems that the annual routine of clickbait content and fake trailers is already underway. We discuss the harm it does to the basketball gaming community, and how to be aware of deceptive content regarding NBA Live 19 and NBA 2K19.
  • Our Week in Basketball Gaming included a very memorable and satisfying game for NLSC GrindTime, further progress in The League, and failure to create an appealing signature shoe. We also discuss content for Ultimate Team, and how both games could be better at keeping things fresh several months into their release.
  • We wrap up Episode #241 of the NLSC Podcast with the return of some NBA discussion, including some noteworthy performances by Australian players, and the tight race in both Conferences as we approach the final weeks of the regular season.

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March 23, 2018 4:45 pm

Maybe something for next week if it hasn’t being covered already but I was driving along the other day and it came on the radio about games the carry in game addons (referring to fifa) such as card buying for myteam or Lut should carry a gambling awareness tag due to so many people spending insane money trying to get a certain card,they were making a pretty big deal out of it and I thought this relates to Live and 2k directly.