NLSC Podcast – Episode #4

The NLSC Podcast is back again this week to discuss all that’s been going on. Pdub, Qballer and Leftos go through:

  • How they’re spending their time until 2K13 comes out
  • All the NBA 2K13 information that came out last week, including:
    • MyCareer immersion features and whether 2K is going the right way with its changes and additions
    • MyTeam being the equivalent of EA’s Ultimate Team, and how interested they are (or aren’t) in it
    • Improvements to Offline and Online Association
    • Their impressions of the NBA 2K13 Gameplay Video put out by IGN
    • 2K going mobile and social with 2K Everywhere
  • The first thing they’re doing when the 2K13 and Live 13 come out
  • And they present the first Question of the Week!

Click the Play button to listen to the show!

Question of the Week is a new feature for us, in order to get you, the community, directly involved in the podcast. Each week, at the end of each podcast, we’ll ask a question directed to you. We may or may not give our opinions on the matter when we announce the question, but we’ll be looking through your answers during the week, and the most interesting/smartest/funniest ones will be featured in next week’s podcast! Do your best, and you might just get your answer (and name) called out by your beloved NLSC staff!

Don’t forget to give us your comments on this week’s episode in the comment section below, and the Podcast thread in the Forum. We’ll be back next week with all the updates on your favorite games!

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