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NLSC Podcast – Episode #67

The 67th episode of the NLSC Podcast is out now, featuring Arcane, JaoSming and myself in the booth. Join us as we talk about our latest Ultimate Team experiences in NBA Live 14, new dunks in NBA 2K14, the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend and more, including some brilliant segues.

  • The Ultra Premium Gold Pack in NBA Live 14’s Ultimate Team offers an opportunity to build a ridiculous team, but does such a shortcut have its disadvantages?
  • Andrew and JaoSming discuss their respective thoughts on Dynasty Mode in NBA Live 14, as well as their patch impressions.
  • Once again, we talk about the new tech in NBA Live 14, what needs to happen starting in NBA Live 15 and how we feel about the future of the franchise.
  • We also follow up on a few of JaoSming’s comments on NBA 2K14 from his mini-review in this week’s Tuesday Triple.
  • A new Locker Code unlocks a couple of Harrison’s Barnes dunks in NBA 2K14’s Slam Dunk Contest…well, kind of. We react.
  • After a Tweet got us excited about the possibility of a new NBA Jam game, it seems we’re not getting one…yet, anyway. We speculate.
  • We discuss a few recent events in the modding community, including a new breakthrough.
  • The 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend is recapped, the format of the dunk contest is criticised and a couple of our predictions escape mockery.
  • We wrap up the show with some trade deadline discussion. Will it be as boring as last year’s quiet deadline?

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We’re always eager to hear your feedback, so let us know what you thought of this week’s show along with your take on any of the topics that we discussed, either in the comments below or here in the Forum. Topic suggestions and mailbag questions/comments are also welcome in this thread.

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