NLSC Podcast – Episode #76

We’re back! After sitting out last week, Arcane, JaoSming and I are back in the “booth” with Episode #76 of the NLSC Podcast. We’ve got a lot to talk about this week, from NBA Live 14 content and another NBA 2K14 patch to the 2014 NBA Playoffs and the Donald Sterling controversy.

  • We open the show with some talk about an upcoming feature and the return of the NLSC Top 10 Plays of the Week.
  • Speaking of the Top 10 Plays, sharing videos from the PlayStation 4 version of NBA Live 14 and NBA 2K14 just got a whole lot easier.
  • NBA 2K14 next gen will be receiving a fifth official patch and a shoe update. No patch notes until release, though. Hmm…
  • JaoSming provides an update on all the work that’s going into bigh0rt’s NBA JAM 2K14 mod for NBA 2K14 PC.
  • NBA Live 14 Ultimate Team is receiving new content throughout the Playoffs. We also have an update on the NBA Live 14 rosters, and a reminder about our NBA Live 15 Wishlist.
  • We get to our feature discussion for basketball gaming this week: What does it mean to be dedicated to a series?
  • The 2014 NBA Playoffs are well underway, and a couple of teams have already gone home. We give our thoughts on all the first round series.
  • You may have heard a thing or two about Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling during this past week. We have a couple of things to say about the matter as well.
  • A couple of the NBA’s regular season award winners have been named. No complaints so far!
  • We wrap up this week’s episode with a couple of questions in the return of the Mailbag segment.

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As always, we’re keen to hear your thoughts on this week’s show and any of the topics that we discussed, so feel free to have your say in the comments below or here in the Forum. You can also hit us up with any mailbag questions, comments or topic suggestions in this thread.

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