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NLSC Podcast on iTunes & Blubrry; Update on Next Episode

In case you missed the update on our Twitter, Facebook or Google+ pages, the weekly NLSC Podcast is now available through iTunes and is also listed on Blubrry, so be sure to subscribe! You can also continue to stream or download each episode right here on the NLSC and check out a complete listing of all our episodes here in our Wiki.

Quite a lot of you are listening to the podcast, so we thank you for your support! We’re definitely interested to hear your feedback on the show though, so in addition to responding to any of our comments on the subjects we discuss, we’d also like to know how you feel about the length of the episodes, the range of topics we discuss, whether you’re bothered by occasional profanity or anything else we can take on board to make the NLSC Podcast enjoyable to listen to.

We’ll also be recording a new episode within the next couple of days and we’re interested in your thoughts on how future NBA Live and NBA 2K games could improve as far as enhancing the Dynasty, Association and MyCAREER experience, especially when it comes to our story threads. We invite you to have your say here in the pre-podcast discussion!

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