NLSC Podcast Returns in 2019; Feedback Wanted!

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As we haven’t posted a new episode of the NLSC Podcast since December 9th and will be taking a further break over the holiday season, I wanted to post a bulletin letting our listeners know that the show will return in 2019. We should be back on the air with Episode #269 either the first or second week or January. I’ll be sure to post a further bulletin closer to the date.

It’s been a bit of a rough year for the NLSC Podcast, compared to our other original content. We’ve ended up missing far more weeks than we’d like, due to a combination of scheduling issues, illness, technical problems, and burnout. That last issue in particular is one that we’re hoping to address moving forward, not only by taking a break over the holidays, but also in potentially changing our approach to the show.

2019 will mark the eighth year of the NLSC Podcast. We’ve made a few changes to the format and our approach over the years, but we’d like to make sure that we’re keeping things fresh and putting out an entertaining product. To that end, we’re interested in feedback from our listeners, specifically:

  • Ideal show length.
  • Ideal release day.
  • Whether you like multiple topics/segments, or would prefer us to focus on just one or two topics.
  • Whether or not you like the news and reactions segments as-is, or would prefer a quick recap with select focus on the most important topics (or no news at all).
  • Your interest in content regarding our modding community.
  • Your interest in other segments and potential new segments (Our Week in Basketball gaming, Mailbag/Q&A, Fact of the Week, games with the hosts, tips and tricks, etc).
  • Whether you like the NBA discussion or would prefer us to just stick to video games.
  • Any other feedback you have about the NLSC Podcast.

We greatly appreciate any input moving forward! Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below, as well as here in the NLSC Forum.

A huge thanks for your support of the NLSC Podcast throughout 2018. We’re looking forward to coming back with a refreshed (and possibly revamped) podcast about basketball video games and our community in 2019!

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December 24, 2018 5:01 am

The length and the day are not critical. Just release it REGULARLY. (✿◕‿◕) I’m fine with the current composition of the pod. While your absence, there are many other BB podcast to fill the void, but I like to have yours in the rotation, as it was among first ones I became subscribed to (as well as regular visiting of the site from the mid of the 00’s). It may be as multiple topics, as one. News are appropriate. There would be some UGC mentions as well to promote the NLSC website. Don’t forgo the real NBA itself, you have an Aussie outlook, while main English NBA pods are NA based)