Online Support for NBA Live 10 & NBA Jam Ending January 11th

As JaoSming noted here in the NLSC Forum, a recent service update from EA Sports has confirmed that their online support for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of NBA Live 10 and the 2010 reboot of NBA Jam will cease as of January 11th, 2013. Online support for NBA Jam: On Fire Edition will continue until further notice.

Online support for NBA Live 10 has run a little longer than usual, as a result of the extended hiatus the series has been on since 2010. The game also received Dynamic DNA updates through the 2010/2011 season, following the cancellation of NBA Elite 11.

While the decision to shut down online services is the result of declined usage weighed up against the cost and effort required to maintain the servers, it’ll be interesting to see whether the shutdown of online support for NBA Live 10 is being done, at least in part, in anticipation of a release later this year. While Andrew Wilson made reference to “next year’s game” when announcing the cancellation of NBA Live 13 and EA Sports does still have the NBA license with a view to making more NBA games, an NBA Live 14 has not yet been officially confirmed or announced.

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